Morogoro targets improvement in goalball

03Jul 2019
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Morogoro targets improvement in goalball

MOROGORO regional girls’ goalball team’s coach, Elesia Mwakalonge, has said her squad’s weakness on the flanks led to its failure to emerge as champions of the goalball competition of this year’s Umitashumta games that took place in Mtwara last month.

Morogoro's girls’ goalball team player, Radhia Mkuwili (L), saves an effort by Ngolo Katumbili of Tabora team in the Umitashumta games which took place in Mtwara recently. Tabora won the goalball competition after recording 16-7 victory over Morogoro. Mkuwili was presented with the competition's Most Valuable Player (MVP) honour. PHOTO: MICHAEL SIKAPUNDWA


The Morogoro side settled for the runners-up spot in the goalball competition after suffering 16-7 loss to Tabora in the final.

Mwakalonge noted that Radhia Mkuwili was a player that was instrumental in her squad’s acquisition of the runners-up position in the event considering she netted half of the squad’s goals.

"There's need to step up fitness training for the team’s wingers for the next year’s Umitashumta tournament," she said.

She pointed out the region’s side that participated in the boys’ category of the goalball competition was knocked out of the last eight due to lack of exposure.

Elesia disclosed all of the squad’s players are new to the game but she added they will improve their performance next year.

Morogoro regional sports coordinator, Reinfrid Mgowano, noted Morogoro girls’ team thrashed Rukwa 10-0 and then went on to command 8-2 win over Ruvuma.

Morogoro girls maintained their winning ways by cruising to 17- 4 over Iringa, followed by a convincing 9-3 win over Dar es Salaam.

The Morogoro squad, in the other two matches, posted 10-0 and 15-6 victories over Manyara and Arusha respectively to make it to the final.

In the boys’ category, he noted, Morogoro squad recorded 11-8 win over Iringa and later clobbered Rukwa 11-3.

Mara and Mtwara were as well Morogoro’s victims in the category given they lost 12- 2 and 9-4 respectively to the latter.

The Morogoro boys lost two other matches, conceding 9-4 to Dar es Salaam and 9-0 to Tanga.

Radhia Mkuwili, a player with albinism and partial blindness, who played for Morogoro in the competition expressed regards to the government and the region’s Education Officer for including the goalball event in the Umitashumta tournament.

Radhia, who won the Most Valuable Player prize, disclosed she has become a prominent player in the game as she helped Morogoro girls’ team finish second.

"Our Regional Educational Officer, Engineer Joyce Baravuga, saw to it that we were taken care of well, she visited our school several times and saw to it that we get material and moral support, a situation that motivated us to work hard,” she noted.

John Ndumbalo, a sports supervisor for games involving children with disabilities, said participating outfits in the games were categorized as per their disabilities.

Goalball event, according to Ndumbalo, brought together players with vision impairment, players with hearing loss participated in soccer and there were also athletes with different disabilities.

He noted the events attracted 368 athletes from 23 regions across the country, adding new regions of Simiyu, Songwe and Katavi did not field teams in the events.