Mtwara set to enjoy Tigo Fiesta 2018 performance

11Oct 2018
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Dar es Salaam
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Mtwara set to enjoy Tigo Fiesta 2018 performance

AS the cashew-nut harvesting season gets underway in Mtwara, the region and its environs are set for yet another bumper harvest of vibes from some of the biggest stars in Bongo Flava as all the fanfare of the ongoing Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote concert arrives in the region.

Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Gelasisu Byakanwa (C) briefs journalists on different business opportunities arising from the Tigo Fiesta 2018 - Vibe Kama Lote concert, which is expected to take place at the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium in the region on Sunday. Others are Tigo Company’s Zonal Director for Coast Zone, Joseph Mutalemwa (R) and Tigo Fiesta 2018 Organising Committee Member, Pancras Mallya

The festival’s organizers Clouds Media Group, through Organizing Committee Secretary Gardner Habash, have asked the region’s residents to attend the festival and enjoy performances by domestic musician.

“For the business minded, the Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote is an opportunity to cash in by providing transportation, food and drinks, accommodation and a host of other ancillary services that are in demand by thousands who flock the concerts every year, ”Mtwara Regional Commissioner Gelasius Byanakwa.

Byanakwa welcomed Mtwara residents to attend the festival and such other activities like the Tigo Fiesta 2018 – SupaNyota competition.

Budding artistes in Mtwara and its environs will get an opportunity to showcase their talent at the Tigo Fiesta 2018- SupaNyota talent search competition, as disclosed by the organizers.

Toptalents in the competition will then get an enviable chance to perform at the main concert slated for Sunday at the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium in Mtwara town.

Besides the music, fans in Mtwara can also harvest up-to double internet value for bundles purchased through *147*00#, Tigo company’s Coast Zone Director, Joseph Mutalemwa said.

The Data Kama Lote promotion, he noted, will ensure that fans have a fruitful following of all the highlight moments from the Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote concert.

“The fans can also simply enjoy browsing the internet via Tanzania’s fastest 4G+ network,”the official disclosed.

He said all Tigo customers can also reap up to 10m/- in cash, weekly prizes of 1m/- or daily prizes of 100,000/- by participating in the Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Chemsha Bongo Trivia Competition.

Participation in the competition, according to him, can be secured by sending the word MUZIKI to 15571 or through the portal link

Dropping the vibes in Mtwara on Saturday night will be hip-hop duo Rostam (Roma and Stamina), Fareed Kubanda, aka Fid Q, Zaid and Weusi, made up of Joh Makini, Nikiwa Pili and G-Nako.

Weusi enthralled fans at a recent concert in Iringa. Representing Bongo Flava artistes will be up and coming artistes Mesen Selekta and Foby, veterans Chegge, Barnaba and HerrySama, alias Mr Blue, alongside songbirds Ruby and Lulu Diva.

Mtwara fans, organizers noted, can get Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote concert tickets at discounted prices through Tigo Pesa Masterpass QR by dialing *150*01#, selecting option 5 (pay merchant), clicking on option 2 (pay Masterpass) and sending the required ticket amount of 5,000/- to Tigo Fiesta number 78888888.

The Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote festival, which has already been held in Morogoro, Sumbawanga and Iringa towns is also set to take place in Singida, Songea, Moshi, Tanga, Muleba, Kahama, Mwanza, Musoma, Arusha and Dodoma. The grand finale has been slated for November in Dar es Salaam.




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