Muhongo seeks to promote entertainment, sports competitions in Musoma

21Oct 2021
Sabato Kasika
The Guardian
Muhongo seeks to promote entertainment, sports competitions in Musoma

Musoma Rural Constituency MP, Sospeter Muhongo, has said one of the strategies for developing sports and entertainment in the area is to encourage his constituency to continue forming groups and teams to compete with other constituencies in preparation for next year's competitions.

He said this year's canoeing competition was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, and the constituency's wards should use the opportunity to reorganize themselves by organizing more groups, including choirs, dances, and football.

"In terms of canoeing, our constituency has a total of 18 teams, this tournament is held at the end of each year, where teams compete between a distance of 1,000 kilometers to 1,500 kilometers," he said.

In addition, he said, the constituency constitutes 27 groups divided into five groups including four groups for traditional dance 'Dogoli', one guitar group, two groups for other traditional dance 'liranda'/'Ritungu'.

Three groups for 'Mbegete', two 'Zeze' groups, and 15 choir groups will participate in the competitions.

The MP issued the information while outlining his strategies for promoting sports in his constituency, as they offer employment and also help to strengthen relations with the residents of Musoma Rural.

Muhongo clarified that there are 78 football teams, and football tournaments are held at different times and that now arrangements are being made to find an outfit made up of footballers from all parts of the constituency.

"The aim is to find a team that will participate in various competitions at the district and regional levels, I have distributed jerseys to each ward and I will soon distribute the equipment again," he said.

Muhongo disclosed he had played part in Biashara United's rise to popularity. 

The club is lately taking part in this season's NBC Premier League.

Muhongo has also been the main sponsor of the Wasaga FC of Kasoma Village who successfully reached the final of the Second Division League in the region.

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