MultiChoice announces opportunity for film stakeholders in Africa   

20Mar 2019
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MultiChoice announces opportunity for film stakeholders in Africa   

MULTICHOICE Tanzania has announced a unique opportunity for film stakeholders in Tanzania and the rest of Africa, which is keen on revolutionizing the film production in the continent.

Multichoice Tanzania Corporate Affairs Manager, Johnson Mshana.

The company's Corporate Affairs Manager, Johnson Mshana, disclosed during the launch of the program, dubbed MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Portal, it is a continuation of a special program which aims at bringing changes in film industry in Africa.

“The MTF, a program that was launched early in May, is keen on bringing changes in film industry in Tanzania and Africa in general,” Mshana said.

“We started by sending four youths to a special camp for film production training at a special academy in Nairobi, Kenya, we then organized special training for storytellers in January and we have today come up with a special platform, which targets to bring revolution in the film industry in Africa,” he noted.

Tanzania Film Board Executive Secretary, Joyce Fisoo, said she thanks MultiChoice, given the firm has been in the forefront of efforts to bring revolution in the film industry in Tanzania.”

“I personally watched the launch of the MTF program in Dodoma early last year and today we are launching a continuation of the same program," Fisoo said.

“It is actually a special opportunity and I would like to use this opportunity to motivate all film stakeholders to make the most of this chance so they can learn, share knowledge and ultimately produce films with strong messages from Africa."

MultiChoice Tanzania Public Relations Officer, Grace Mgaya, noted the portal is open to all people, particularly film stakeholders in Tanzania and Africa in general.

“We believe through this program we will reach many more stakeholders and we expect quality production from Africa in future, thanks to positive results brought by the MTF program,” Grace said.

The MTF portal is the third touch point of the initiative following the launch of three regional MTF Academies in West, East and Southern Africa.

The 12-month film training program gearing towards upskilling the next generation of passionate young film creatives launched in October last year and the MTF Masterclasses launched in January this year to upskill industry professionals.

The interactive online portal is aimed at profiling and connecting Africa's industry creatives and bringing pan-African talent and opportunities together in one place.

The digital portal will allow film makers across the continent to network, find talent and showcase their works.

Users of the portal- up-and-coming talent and industry professionals- can also network with each other, connect and collaborate. The MTF Portal will also provide information on the MTF Academies and Masterclasses.