Musicians form new dance music troupe     

19Feb 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Musicians form new dance music troupe     

​​​​​​​PROMINENT local musicians, Kalala Junior na Papii Nguza, have formed a dance music band, known as 'Tukuyu Sound Band', which will be based at the Mawasiliano Park in Dar es Salaam.

Kalala, one of the troupe's officials, disclosed it was formed in January this year and the troupe has already come up with three songs.

"We have recorded two songs, 'Pesa' and 'Watu Bwana', which will introduce the troupe's arrival in the local entertainment scene, the troupe consists of 14 musicians, we are keeping on putting the troupe in good shape,'' he noted.

He stated they have yet to name the third song. According to the vocalist, they are continuing to stage shows at their home venue, Mawasiliano Park.

"We want to inform dance music enthusiasts they should prepare for new tracks from Kalala Junior and Papii Nguza, in cooperation with the rest of Tukuyu Sound Band's artistes,'' he said.

The artiste noted the troupe has gifted and hard working artistes, insisting he believes they will fulfil their objectives, which entail giving their fans much needed entertainment.

Kalala and Nguza are coming from families gifted with skilful musicians and, according to the former, the duo's experience wil help the troupe scale great heights in the entertainment scene.

"My father, Hamza Kalala, is a renowned artiste and Nguza's father, Nguza Viking, is also a famous artiste, therefore we are both hailing from dance musicians' families and we are eager to continue boosting this profession,'' he noted.

He clarified they are lately staging shows on Sunday, whilst they are seeking to see to it the troupe operates efficiently.

He pointed out the troupe will later stage more shows.

The vocalist noted they will make all of the troupe's artistes public once everything is in place.

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