Musicians impress revelers in 'Mihogo Festival'

19Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Musicians impress revelers in 'Mihogo Festival'

VARIOUS local musicians performing in such genres as dance, 'Taarab', 'Singeli' and 'Bongo Flava' impressed revelers at a concert, known as 'Mihogo Festival', which took place at Coco Beach in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

The artists include Mwinjuma Muumin (dance), Emmanuel Elibariki 'Nay wa Mitego' (Bongo Flava), MC Kinata (Singeli), and Safina (Taarab), had music enthusiasts cheering noisily at the festival.

The festival's coordinator, Reuben Ndege, stated it aimed to create an opportunity for youths to delve into exporting cassava, given it now attracts lots of buyers.

"We have been using various musicians in the festivals, considering the musicians have their supporters, including the entrepreneurs that are selling fried cassava at Coco Beach,'' Ndege stated.

Ndege pointed out the organizers were moving to several places in and outside Dar es Salaam motivating youths, particularly women, to engage in various income-earning activities.

According to Ndege, the organizers are using the motto, 'Mchongo Mzima', in the initiative.

Muumin noted he is one of the dance musicians actively taking part in the festivals, including a recent festival that served as a climax of World Cartoon Day.

"The festival took place at Buza last month, I used the opportunity to introduce my band's new song, titled 'Kwa Mpalange Sihami','' the artiste disclosed.

Muumin noted: ''I'm keeping on introducing songs as much as I can.''

The veteran artiste pointed out getting an invitation to take part in the festivals proves he is still valued, much as a section of music lovers think he has faded out.

Muumin stated currently his band, known as Special Band, has six new tracks making the troupe's first album.

The artiste revealed the troupe might be officially launched in December this year if the troupe's strategies will be implemented smoothly.

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