Muumin composes single for lauding Pesident Samia   

04Sep 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Muumin composes single for lauding Pesident Samia   

​​​​​​​NEWLY formed Dar es Salaam dance music troupe, Special Band, led by popular vocalist Mwinjuma Muumin, recently completed the production of two new songs, 'Hongera Mama Samia' and 'Salaam Maria'.

Dar es Salaam's Special Band's vocalist, Mwinjuma Muumin.

Muumin revealed in the city mid this week the two songs feature in the troupe's initiative, which centers on composing songs every month.

The musician revealed the troupe will begin working on videos for the two singles' videos this weekend.

Muumin noted: "We will start working on videos for these two singles from this weekend to make sure our followers enjoy the singles, we will keep on composing other songs.''

The vocalist pointed out that the 'Hongera Mama Samia' song is all about good deeds which have been accomplished by the President from the date she was sworn in.

The artist stated: "Special Band felt there are many good deeds President Samia has accomplished in her regime, for that matte we felt we should compose a track for praising her.''

The musician pointed out his troupe is seeking to come up with a new track and they will tour several regions for shows and introduce the new album that was completed in June this year.

The 'Mkonga wa Tembo' track, according to the artist, was the last song in the new album.

Muumin noted other songs, namely 'Fenesi', 'Kwa Mpalange Sihami', and 'Vumbi la Congo', are other tracks making the album.