Muumin to feature female singers in new songs    

12Jan 2022
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Muumin to feature female singers in new songs    

​​​​​​​TANZANIAN dance music artist, Mwinjuma Muumin, says he is looking for new generation music and Taarab's female singers that will feature in his new songs.

Mwinjuma Muumin.

Muumin (pictured) disclosed the artists he is looking for are Faustina Charles 'Nandy', Hellen George 'Rubby', Judith Wambura 'Lady Jay Dee', Zuhura Othman Soud 'Zuchu', and Isha Ramadhani 'Isha Mashauzi'.

According to Muumin, if he will manage to have one of the mentioned musicians in his new tracks, he will see to it the project comes to fruition.

The musician disclosed: "I want to record two new tracks, titled 'Usiniache', and 'Njoo Kwangu', before the end of this month, I want to have one female singer featuring in one of the tracks.''

The musician, who owns Special Band, said that he targets to get a variety of creativity showcased by new generation music singers to improve his works.

"New generation music artists have their significance, given that they have a lot of fans, so involving them in my songs can add flavour to dance music," he said.

The veteran dance musician's band has already completed a new album made up of seven songs.

The songs are 'Fenesi', 'Mwanangu', 'Yatima Mzee', 'Kwa Mpalange', 'Suluhu ya Ndoa', 'Mtumbue', and 'Mkonga wa Tembo'.

He said he looks forward to staging shows next month given, according to him, January is a difficult time for various businesses, including dance music.

"But if someone needs our service, we are ready to offer good entertainment because our troupe is well-prepared squad is there and complete," he noted.