Mwakyembe tasks NSC to temporarily oversee swimming administration

12Jun 2018
The Guardian
Mwakyembe tasks NSC to temporarily oversee swimming administration

THE government has directed that all activities which were under the Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) should now be under the National Sports Council (NSC).

Harrison Mwakyembe

Benson Chacha, who is the NSC official, said yesterday Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe, on Sunday directed the former’s office to oversee all of TSA activities for one month when the association will hold its election.

"The mandate of the (TSA interim committee ended on June 8 (Friday) and now the minister has directed our office to take care of all of the association’s activities, the association has been given up to one month to host the election,” he said.

He said the interim TSA committee which tasked with, among others, drafting the association’s new constitution, completed its job and the committee will tomorrow the Registrar of Sports Associations to, among others, discuss problems which will be raised on the draft constitution.

Chacha said if the registrar will deem the draft good for the development of the sport in the country, it will be presented at the elective meeting to be passed by the members of the association.

The NSC officer disclosed the information when responding to reports that the TSA leadership, which was recently ousted, plans to host its executive committee meeting at the end of this week. He said NSC is aware all activities of the TSA are under his office.

"Currently there are no leaders at TSA, anyone who is interested should wait for a month and seek the mandate from members of the association, all posts are now vacant,” he said.

Namkoveka, who served as the secretary general of the ousted TSA leadership, however said they will go on with the executive committee meeting as it is in the TSA calendar of activities.

"We will have our executive committee meeting next weekend (this weekend)…the meeting is on the calendar which we submitted to NSC early this year," he said.

He though was coy on disclosing members he has invited for the meeting, saying he will mention the members’ names before the end of this week.

He also said the meeting he is calling will come up with a stand concerning the leadership wrangles in the association.

"There are many things happening in the TSA). In the coming meeting, we will let the public know the truth and anything concerning our association," he said.

He said some of the activities for this month are the executive committee meeting, FINA coaching course and open water clinic for schools.

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