Namungo FC supporters to build branch

29Nov 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Namungo FC supporters to build branch

LINDI's Liwale District Commissioner, Judith Nguli, has donated 350,000/- for the construction of the foundation stone of the branch office of the members and fans of Namungo FC, known as 'Friends of Namungo'.

Judith handed over the money last weekend to the branch's chairman, Denis Mushi, at a brief ceremony held at the Liwale Council football stadium and involved various football stakeholders.

She stated the biggest team they currently have in Lindi is Namungo, and that they have to support it morally and financially, as they have no other club from Lindi taking part in the NBC Premier League.

"However, we hope that we can have more outfits and this will efficiently represent the region, there are other teams in every district," Judith noted.

The District Commissioner said when it comes to the region, they are uniting for their regional team regardless of the fanaticism of Simba and Yanga.

She pointed out that the establishment of the branch should be a catalyst to continue to promote sports in the district.

"I believe that the Friends of Namungo branch, which will be built outside the stadium, will help to motivate football stakeholders to support Namungo FC, but also to promote sports in our district," she said.

Judith further stated there is a need for more branches for the side's fans so she can easily meet young athletes, as the latter are the ones who can be prepared for the regional team.

The branch chairman, Mushi, called on Liwale district football stakeholders to stop entertaining fanaticism for Simba, Yanga, and Azam FC, and instead support Namungo FC to see to it the outfit excels.

The official stated: "First of all I would like to thank the District Commissioner for your contribution, as well as the council director for giving us the site to build the Friends of Namungo office.''

''Let us stop entertaining the fanaticism for Simba, Yanga, and Azam, and support the team representing our region," he said.