National Rally Championship set for next week

16Jul 2021
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
National Rally Championship set for next week

THIS year's National Rally Championship is set to take place in Dar es Salaam and Ubena Area in Coast Region next week, AAT disclosed yesterday.

Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) president, Nizar Jivani (L), speaks to journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday on preparations for this year's National Rally Championship, which will take place next week. Looking on is Oryx Energies Company's Managing Director, Kalpesh Mehta. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT JUMANNE JUMA

Nizar Jivani, Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) president, said the two-day event will take place at Ubena Area, Highland Estate, in Coast Region, covering 220km, attracting 34 drivers from both in and outside the country.
He said the number of drivers this year is extremely big compared to other years.

The AAT official thanked all sponsors of the rally, including main sponsor Oryx Energies Company, which has been bankrolling the rally for the past six years, Asas, Azam Media, Advert Construction and others.

The AAT president said rally is growing into a major spectator sporting event in the country.

He added drivers on the Africa Rally Championship (ARC) circuit have inspired many young and new talents to take up rally in the country.

He said AAT mission is to cultivate the spirit of rallying in the hearts and minds of young enthusiasts by hosting rally in the country.

"This year the Oryx Energies Rally will take place next week from July 23-25, number of drivers is very big, for the first time we have 34 drivers, others are coming from outside the country... we have drivers from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and South Africa, on the first day it will cover 88 kilometers while the last day it will be a 130-kilometer showdown, it promises to be more spectacular, competitive and entertaining,'' he explained.

He explained that the opening of the rally will be held in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday next week.

Scrutinizing of cars will be held on Thursday at the Wheel in Mikocheni, the following day will be pre-rally media briefing and ceremonial start while on Saturday it will be qualifying stage.

The day will moreover witness the start of the rally and on Sunday morning the rally will start and podium activities will be held later on the day.

Jivani challenged local drivers to perform well in the event.

"Facing top drivers from Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and the sole driver from South Africa will not be an easy assignment but AAT has trust in you, we know you will perform well at the event," he said.

Oryx Energies' Managing Director, Kalpesh Mehta, also said his company is very delighted with the number of drivers this year.

He noted the rally promises to be more competitive and challenging.

He promises his company's continued support to the event.

Satinder Birdi, the event's director, said all preparations for the event are going on very well.

Birdi assured all people that they will follow all Coronavirus preventive measures during the rally.

"All preparations for the National Rally Championship are going on very well, we are happy that we are working closely with the sponsors, National Sports Council (NSC), the Police and all stakeholders," he said.

Zonal Traffic Officer for Dar es Salaam, ACP Abdi Issango, assured the drivers that police will work closely with them during the event.

He, however, called upon all drivers who will compete to follow traffic rules and he moreover asked the organizers to inform the spectators on the rules to be followed.

"We will provide all the needed security and safety measures, but we are asking the organizers to follow the traffic rules," he said.

The rally did not take place last year due to Coronavirus crisis and the reigning winner is Tanzanian, Dharam Pandya, who won it in 2019.

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