National wushu tourney needs support-NSC

13Aug 2019
James Kandoya
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
National wushu tourney needs support-NSC

NATIONAL Sports Council of Tanzania (NSC) has appealed to companies in the country to put their weight behind the national wushu competition, as it is the case for soccer tournaments and events for other sports disciplines.

A Tanzanian wushu player demonstrates the game’s skills during a recent competition which was held in Dar es Salaam.

The council’s official, Milinde Mahona, speaking on behalf of the council’s Acting Secretary General Neema Msitha, said it is time for firms to play part in promotion of sports by sponsoring the tournament.

Mahona had graced the climax of the national wushu competition in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

The competition attracted about 220 participants from wushu clubs across the country and outfits from neighbouring countries.

“Wushu is very important for people’s health, building patriotism, unity and good governance… I call on other stakeholders to sponsor our tournament to make it more successful,” he said.

The Chinese Cultural Center’s Counselor Wei Gao called on the competition’s organizers to look for ways for improving the competition and reaching the community across the country.

The counselor said organizers must increase the number of participating regions and bring together all regions across the country and Zanzibar. Eleven regions are lately participating in the competition.

Investigation Officer from the Police Dar es Salaam Special Zone, Kalimwage, one of the officials that graced the event, highlighted the need for organizers to ensure wushu involves Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC) member countries.

“Wushu may be used to cement our union and solidarity among the community…as a matter of fact, there is a need to ensure wushu reaches SADC region,” he said.

In this year’s tournament, Confucius Institute at University of Dar es Salaam’s team emerged as champions, Ngwaya Shaoling Kungfu Club came second.

Both champions and runners-up received awarded 1m/- while the third-placed side, Confucius Institute at University of Dodoma ‘s team B was awarded 800,000/-.

According to the organizers, the fourth to eighth-placed outfits were awarded 500,000/- each.

In the last year’s competition, 214 athletes from 24 martial arts clubs battled it out in it.

They came from Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. The competition consisted of collective events, routine events and Sanda.

All contestants contributed to a spectacular display of performances. The teenage group was the spotlight with its youngest member being only eight years old.

 In the competition, the small players showed great momentum with standard moves.

Tanzania Wushu Association organized this year’s competition in collaboration with the NSC, Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam and the University of Dodoma.

Having been co-sponsored by the China Embassy in Tanzania, the competition had two categories namely elders and teenagers.

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