Nonga stages no show at Lipuli FC

20Jun 2020
Adam Fungamwango
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Nonga stages no show at Lipuli FC

IRINGA's Lipuli FC is set to play against Polisi Tanzania in a Vodacom Premier League clash at Ushirika Stadium in Moshi, Kilimanjaro today, with the former missing their prolific forward, Paul Nonga.

Paul Nonga

Nonga, who is as well the side's skipper, has chosen to opt out of the squad as he claims he has not been paid his salary.

The forward pointed out some contractual issues have not been settled, insisting they are the ones which have created misunderstanding between him and the outfit.

"Some terms in the contract have not been fulfilled,'' Nonga stated.

He disclosed the club owes him three months salaries and some of the registration fee.

He said he has a family he is taking care of and, therefore, he can not perform his duty diligently if his needs are not fulfilled.

"I have told them to at least pay me half of the salaries so I can join the camp, this is a profession, people should respect each other's profession,'' he added.

He said his contract with the squad ends on July 1 this year, noting he will extend his stay at the outfit up to the completion of the season should the management pay him some of his payment.

Lipuli FC information officer Clement Sanga stated his club owes Nonga.

"Our club is in dire straights. Nonga and his team mates Novatus Lufunga and Seif Karihe felt it was best they stay away,'' Sanga said.

''They have not only travelled with the squad but also opted out of the camp altogether.''

He said the club knows it owes the players and will see to it the players are paid.

"We know the matter is being delt with because it has been provided for in their contracts but we are struggling financially...we will fulfil it,'' he stated.