NSC slaps one-year ban on Kigamboni Marathon

04Dec 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
NSC slaps one-year ban on Kigamboni Marathon

THE National Sports Council (NSC) has slapped one-year ban on Kigamboni International Marathon for what has been termed as the race’s organizers’ failure to adhere to laws and regulations governing marathons in Tanzania.

Neema Msitha, NSC Acting Secretary General, disclosed to the press in Dar es Salaam yesterday the punishment started effectively the same day.

She noted the race’s organizers are as well required to see to it they hand over prizes, which had been set aside for winners, prior to December 12.

“There has recently been an increase in the number of marathons and other road races in the country. These races have offered significant contribution to promotion of athletics domestically and the country’s economic growth,” Neema noted.

“There are, however, a lot of challenges the hosting of the races has experienced, which include failure by some of the organizers to register their events.”

Neema pointed out the races have as well been taking place without such necessary needs like traffic control, ambulances and water points, and failure by some of the organizers to hand over prizes to the races’ winners.

She disclosed some of the races’ organizers host the events without professional supervisors, a situation which contributes to cheating.

The challenges, she noted, have brought misunderstanding among the organizers, participants and athletics stakeholders.

“Following the presence of these challenges, the NSC will, effectively from January 1 in 2020, be issuing all permits for hosting marathons and other road races at the district, regional and national levels,” Neema disclosed.

“The permits will be handed over to the races’ organizers once the Athletics Tanzania (AT) has approved the events.”

“The NSC will first have to be satisfied the races’ organizers have met all procedures for hosting the races.”

“The NSC directs districts and regional sports authorities to see to it there is no road race that will take place without having been issued permit by the council.”

“As per the NSC statute, all road races’ organizers should pay one percent of the participation fees to the council’s sports development fund.”

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