Ntibazonkiza says ready for challenges at Yanga

04Jan 2022
Nassir Nchimbi
The Guardian
Ntibazonkiza says ready for challenges at Yanga

YANGA striker, Said Ntibazonkiza ‘Saido’, has said he is ready to face challenges at the club, with the side roping in several new footballers during this season's mini transfer window.

YANGA striker, Said Ntibazonkiza ‘Saido’,

The Burundian forward stated: ''I have no problem with competition within the squad, as it is normal for a big team to have a lot of good players.''

''I believe in my quality and whenever I get a chance I try to do better," he revealed.

Last season Ntibazonkiza did not feature in every match even though he was training with the team.

The situation was described by some soccer fans as an outcome of a misunderstanding between the forward and the team's head coach, Nasreddine Nabi, but the former explained that it was over.

"That is gone and I do not want to talk about it at all. At the moment I thank God for the performance I am showing, so I just want to be healthy so that I can continue to fight for the team and make Yanga fans happy,'' he said.

He stopped short of issuing comments on his contract with Yanga which expires at the end of this season.

The attacker further offered his opinion on his outfit's showing this season, based on his experience of being in the squad since last season.

“There is a huge difference between the previous season squad and the current one. This season the outfit has recruited the best players, the footballers, have forged good coordination with fellow players who were here since last season,'' he stated.

"The team is high in morale and if you look at how we play you realize we are seeking good results as every player is committed to making sure the positive results are achieved."

Ntibazonkiza joined Yanga from Burundi's Vital'O during last season's mini transfer window and since joining the Jangwani Street outfit he has been playing well.

The striker is serving as a leader in the squad based on his experience.

Reports from Burundi reveal that Ntibazonkiza is one of the most accepted heroes in football, especially as the national team captain of ‘Intamba m'Urugamba’.

"Our national team is doing well, it has a lot of talented and very patriotic players.''

"We slipped and failed to qualify for AFCON but we are still planning to make sure we participate in CHAN next year," Ntibazokiza noted.

Ntibazokiza said revealed Burundian athletes' self-awareness has proved to be crucial to their achievement when they play professional football elsewhere.

"It's not that Burundians dream of either playing or working in Tanzania, they have big dreams, so they use Tanzania as a route, that's the big secret," Ntibazokiza disclosed.

In recent years many players from Burundi have come to Tanzania to play football and some have become famous and left.

The footballers include Laudit Mavugo, Didier Kavumbagu, and Amissi Tambwe who is currently playing for DTB FC 2021/22 Championship.

The footballers are among the Burundian players who won fame in Mainland Tanzania's top-tier football due to their scintillating performance.

Several other players from Burundi have joined various Mainland Premier League sides this season.