OBFT; Boxing clubs ought to meet Open Championship's costs

26Jun 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
OBFT; Boxing clubs ought to meet Open Championship's costs

​​​​​​​THE Open Boxing Federation Of Tanzania (OBFT) has advised its affiliates to see to it their respective clubs meet participation costs for the Open and Club championships set for the end of next month and August.

The federation was, as disclosed by its secretary general Lukelo Wililo on Wednesday, supposed to hold the two events last month.

The championships, according to him, were postponed due to suspension of sporting activities, effected by the government, with a view to containing the coronavirus pandemic.

Wililo stated the two events, Open Championship and Club Championship, will be held in Dar es Salaam and Manyara in July and August respectively.

He said OBFT is not financially stable and it for that matter cannot fund the two championships meant to select boxers for the national team.

Wililo said at the Open Boxing Championship, slated for July 25-30 in Dar es Salaam, they expect more than 100 boxers to attend while the Manyara Club Championships scheduled for August 25-30 is expected to attract 15 clubs.

He said it is the duty of individual boxers and clubs to source funding for the events.

“We don’t have money to host the two events, we are asking the individual boxers and clubs to source funds on their own, we have given them enough time to court the corporates, they need to find money for accommodation and other expenses,” he said.

The OBFT official said he is confident that the Club Championship will be held smoothly as many clubs are either sponsored or owned by the army, police, prisons and other government agencies.

He said the two events are of great importance as OBFT plans to use them to identify boxers for the next year's Tokyo Olympics.

He moreover asked all boxers to keep on training so as to be fit and shape ahead of the two events.

“It is our wish to take every outstanding boxer to the national team, but for them to earn selection they must impress the coaches,'' he said.

''If the boxers need to impress the coaches, they have to work hard in training so as to be fit and ready.”

He also disclosed that at the two events, there will be umpires and coaches' course.

Dar es Salaam will host the intermediate course while the beginners' course will take place in Manyara.