Okwi, Chama tipped to get back to NBC Premier League

29Nov 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Okwi, Chama tipped to get back to NBC Premier League

THE mini transfer window for this season will open on December 15 and close on January 15 next year, soccer sides will have the opportunity to strengthen their respective squads via roping in a few stars to fix areas that have shown weaknesses.

Some registrations are expected to take place during the period but some may not happen.

Registration will be accomplished depending on the character and dynamics of Tanzania's football.

Local football fans should probably be psychologically prepared to see some registration take place in this season's mini transfer period, although under normal circumstances, they may not take place.

Ugandan forward, Emmanuel Okwi, currently plays for Kiyovu Sports of Rwanda on a one-year contract while Zambian midfielder, Clatous Chama, serves RS Berkane of Morocco on a two-year contract.

They both played well for Tanzania's Simba SC until they decided to leave the outfit.

This transfer window might bring them back to one of the three biggest clubs in the country, with Simba SC being the likely destination for the two former Premier League winners.

Okwi's contract with Kiyovu Sports allows him to leave if he finds a team so he can use the opportunity to come to Tanzania.

Chama is allegedly unhappy with life in Morocco so he wants to terminate his contract with Berkane so he can return to Tanzania to play for Simba SC although Yanga is also keeping tabs on him.

Yanga has two remaining spots for registering foreign players as, in the July transfer market, it roped in 10 visitors.

Mainland Premier League rules allow the registration of 12 foreign players, with so far eight players to be used for one league game.

It would not be surprising for Yanga to add two more foreign footballers to fill the remaining vacancies and he may be one of the attacking midfielders.

Strikers are much needed in the league right now. The problem of lack of scoring touch that several sides competing in NBC Premier League experience may turn into a blessing for players, who play in the attacking position.

The strikers will no doubt be sought after by various teams to strengthen the clubs' attacking forces.

In the first five rounds, the teams that showed the most dullness in their attacking area are KMC FC, Tanzania Prisons, Coastal Union, Mtibwa Sugar, and Geita Gold FC.

Championship outfit, DTB FC, is the talk of the town in the showdown, formerly known as First Division League, due to the good results it has been posting.

Excellent form showcased by the team's well-known footballers that had in the past played for Premier League teams.

Given the financial tyranny that DTB FC has, as well as the favourable environment it has prepared for its players, it would not be surprising to see the club sign Premier League teams' footballers in the mini registration period.

The competition that has been shown by Mbeya Kwanza FC has brought about discussion among football stakeholders and fans in the country who feel the team can do what Mbeya City FC did in the 2013/2014 season when they were a threat to many Premier League teams including Simba SC and Yanga.

But if the Mbeya Kwanza FC leadership does not become more financially organized, the club could lose some of its key players who can pursue better pastures.

Forward Crispin Ngushi, who has shown great ability to score and assist, is one of the squad's footballers tipped to head elsewhere.

Since Simba SC defender Pascal Wawa lost concentration and had his squad conceding a careless goal in a match that the squad lost 3-1 against Botswana side, Jwaneng Galaxy, at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium and being knocked out from the African Champions League, many Simba fans do not seem to enjoy him at the moment.

It is not surprising to see the team's tacticians decide to sit him on the bench at the moment probably in good faith to keep him out of pressure and threats from fans that could affect his performance on the field.

In any case, the defender could find himself open to exit in the next transfer window as already his relationship with many within the club is reportedly not good.

DTB FC coordinator, Muhibu Kanu, confirmed that they are in the process of strengthening their squad by signing some Premier League stars.

The official noted: "The team so far is in good shape and, as you can see, we are leading the league standings as we have not lost a game and this proves that our players have good standards and their experience has continued to help us."

"In the mini registration window we will add some of the footballers from the Premier League teams, we believe the footballers will improve our club so that we can achieve our goal of getting a promotion.''

The official disclosed: ''Those present are good but they also need to be strengthened and have back up of quality players.''

Mbeya Kwanza FC Chairman, Mohamed Mashango, said that a team that needs any of its players should follow the procedures.

"Our players have contracts to serve this team but we can't stop them if they get better offers. If there is a team that needs our player, it should bring an official application to the table and the offer meets our demand, we will sell a footballer to them,'' Mashango noted.