Outfits seeking Aucho's services should communicate with Yanga

25Nov 2021
Faustine Feliciane
The Guardian
Outfits seeking Aucho's services should communicate with Yanga

YANGA's management has said if there is a team from either in or out of the country that wants midfielder Khalid Aucho then they should submit their offer to the Jangwani Street side's management.


The outfit's club's information officer, Hassan Bumbuli, stated while commenting on the Ugandan international midfielder's contract with the club.

Bumbuli said Yanga had entered into a two-year contract with the star but could not block offers from other clubs if they wanted the midfielder.

The official disclosed: "We only hear words there, but let me just tell you Aucho has a two-year contract with Yanga, but we know this is a good player and teams are watching him.''

''We just tell them to bring their offer and see how we do but this is a Yanga player and he has a two-year contract with our club,'' Bumbuli added.

The official also said Yanga fans should do away with the fear of losing any player as the players have contracts with the club.

"You know every time we go to the registration window a lot of words happen, our fans should not be shocked by this noise, all the players have contracts and no player will leave arbitrarily,'' Bumbuli said.

In recent days various transfer rumours have emerged with Aucho repeatedly mentioned as being linked with a move away from Yanga in the next mini transfer window.

This season's transfer window is expected to be opened on December 15 and already the fever of transfer of players has begun to rise where various clubs hope to strengthen their squads.

The Yanga statement comes just days after the collapse of their contractual case against their former midfielder Bernard Morrison after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) handed down the verdict of victory to Morrison.

Yanga sued Morrison to CAS for breach of contract with the club, the court ruled that the midfielder did not have a contract with Yanga after the previous six-month agreement's expiration on July 14 last year.

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