Paralympics committee hails firm for supporting wheelchair athletes

08Feb 2017
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Paralympics committee hails firm for supporting wheelchair athletes

TANZANIA Paralympics Committee (TPC) has lauded GAPCO Tanzania for ensuring that people with disability take part in sports, including the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Tanzania Paralympics Committee (TPC) secretary general, Tuma Dandi, stresses a point in Dar es Salaam yesterday regarding the GAPCO Tanzania-sponsored 10 km race of the Kilimanjaro Marathon. Left is the GAPCO Tanzania Marketing Manager, Caroline Kakwezi.

TPC secretary general, Tuma Dandi, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday this is the seventh year that the committee has been collaborating with the company, which has been sponsoring people with disability to participate in the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

“We are really touched by the commitment shown by GAPCO…they have really been supportive for the last seven years and ensured that people with disability are not left behind,” he said.

“Other institutions should emulate this to assist in the fight against stigmatization,” he said, adding that there are many other sports that people with disability take part in and all this requires sponsorship.

The TPC official said the committee will, this year, have qualifying trials to get participants for the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

The trials, he disclosed, will be held at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam on February 11 from 8 am, adding that Arusha and Moshi will also host similar trials this month and the committee will announce the trials’ dates soon.

“We call upon as many people as possible to turn up for these qualifying trials and we will select 37 who will head to Moshi to take part in the Kilimanjaro Marathon slated to take place on February 26,” he said.

He also lauded GAPCO for sponsoring the 10km race for the past seven years, saying the race has been growing from strength to strength.

GAPCO Tanzania marketing manager, Caroline Kakwezi, reiterated the company’s support to TPC, saying the firm will cater for transport, accommodation and meals for participants from Dar es Salaam. Participants from Arusha and Moshi will be given transport courtesy of GAPCO.

She said the company will continue working closely with TPC to ensure people with disability continue participating in Kilimanjaro Marathon without any problems.

“So far we are pleased by the work that TPC is doing and we have every reason to continue supporting them,” she said.

This year’s Kilimanjaro Marathon is expected to be much bigger with registration starting in Dar es Salaam at Mlimani City on February 18 and 19.

Other Kilimanjaro Marathon sponsors are Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, which sponsors the 42 km race, and Tigo that sponsors the 21km race.

KK Security, TPC Limited, FNB, Kibo Palace, Kilimanjaro Water, CMC Automobile, Rwandair, Keys Hotel and new sponsors, Anglo Gold Ashanti and KNAUF Gypsum are, as well, in the list of the race’s sponsors.

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