Pauline: Lack of qualification hinders Dar football coaches' progress

23Jun 2022
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Pauline: Lack of qualification hinders Dar football coaches' progress

​​​​​​​TANZANIA has 19 football coaches with the Confederation of African Football’s minimum ‘A’ Diploma required for international assignments, it has been revealed.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Pauline Gekul.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Pauline Gekul told the Parliament yesterday that the lack of qualification among Tanzania's coaches is a hindrance to their opportunities on the international stage.

She was responding to a question raised by the Malinyi MP, Antipas Mgungusi (CCM) who wanted to know why Tanzania's coaches have failed to work outside the country, East Africa, and SADC countries among others.

“These referees also fail to get international jobs due to education backgrounds and qualifications,” she said.

The deputy minister noted that the ministry in collaboration with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has embarked on plans to improve the situation.

Pauline said the two institutions are collaboratively coordinating plans to improve training for higher learning institutions' students and sports academies like Malya and Butimba.

She explained that the effort is aimed at having coaches with the right education levels in addition to attaining the international football governing bodies' qualifications.

Last year, the TFF hosted the Refereeing Educational & Learning Platform, a project adopted by CAF Refereeing Department.

Tanzania became the first county to install this initiative. Fifteen participants from the TFF took part in the workshop held from May 3–7, 2021, and was moderated by Lim Kee Chong, member of the CAF refereeing panel of experts, and Ramy Gamal, CAF refereeing technology coordinator.

At the opening ceremony, TFF vice-president Athuman Nyamlani stressed the commitment of the executive committee members to improve the quantity and quality of referees.

“I do not doubt this new tool, the referees’ development will go faster,” he added.

Meanwhile, the government yesterday reiterated the commitment to resolve differences between TFF and Zanzibar Football Federation (ZFF).

Pauline told the Parliament that the government is aware of the existing differences between the two football federations and normally engages them in discussions.

The deputy minister made the explanation in response to a question asked by the Konde MP Mohamed Said Issa who had wanted to know how the government helps Zanzibar, through TFF, to get benefits that the latter gets since Zanzibar has not attained FIFA membership.

“The government is aware of the challenges and differences between TFF and ZFF in governing football in the country and to solve them both relevant ministries from both parts of the union have scheduled a meeting to discuss them,” she said.

She moreover explained that TFF has always ensured that Zanzibar gets a share of the financial support from FIFA.

She said so far several soccer development projects including organizing local leagues, cooperation, and training for sports stakeholders have been undertaken.

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