Premiership trio ruled out of title

29Jan 2016
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Premiership trio ruled out of title

As a result if poor performance during the first half of the season, three teams have placed themselves in precarious position to win the Mainland soccer title.

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Bottom placed Kagera Sugar, Coastal Union and African Sports are highly vulnerable to crash out of contention for the season’s scudetto having earned hardly ten points in 15 appearances.

The trio have a ceiling of attaining not more than 55 points should they post victories in the rest of the matches in the subsequent final half of the season.

Kagera Sugar and African Sports both have identical nine points and would need miracles to win the rest of the 15 matches scheduled for the second half of the season to finish at the podium.

Alternatively, should they be capable of winning all these matches, they should also pray for the rest of the teams in the league to falter and open the gate for their access to silverware collection.
While these teams would pray that to happen, title challengers Young Africans and Azam have to perform miserably if this miracle stands to happen.

Azam and Yanga would need to win five matches to attain 55 points and push this trio out of title contention track.

Ndanda FC, JKT Ruvu, Mbeya City and Majimaji who are also located in the bottom half of the standings table is also possible candidates to stay out of contention for the title though miracles do happen in soccer.
They can scale to the summit of the standings but the possibility is highly remote unless they deploy resurgence firepower.

The three clubs now floating on the relegation pool have their coaches and management spending sleepless nights on how best to move into safe horizon.

Though the relegation web is still wide open to claim any three victims, the trio have alarm bells ringing on their ears as survival campaign gets underway as the second half of the season kicks off this weekend.

Not safe to be free is the saying for the eight teams that are positioned below the half way line of the log. Their cluster in points is a huge trap and time bomb that could explode depending on performance of the teams.

Winning is the only best option for the teams if they are to uplift themselves into the premiership ’heaven’.

While it was expected for newly promoted African sports to experience premiership turbulence on their maiden season, fans are still baffled by what has happened to regulars Kagera Sugar which is now at the base of the log.

Holders Young Africans and their closest challengers Azam FC are still perched at the top of the log opening massive six-point gap over stalwarts Simba.

The Mainland league title has been oscillating between the three top placed clubs for the past five years and the likelihood is most likely to happen for the ongoing season.

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