Rashid, Bayi seek TOC re-election

01Dec 2016
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Rashid, Bayi seek TOC re-election

TANZANIA Olympic Committee (TOC) election commission has named 24 people who will contest for various posts at the elections scheduled for December 10 in Dodoma.

Filbert Bayi (R) on the rush for gold medal during Commonwealth Games men's 1,500 metres. He is still running for TOC general secretary post for yet another term after ending his fourth.

Among the names lined up for the polls include incumbent president Gulam Rashid and secretary general Filbert Bayi who have been at the leadrshp helm for over four office tenures.
Member of the commission Harrison Chaulo yesterday said 27 people expressed their interest to contest for posts at but three have been disqualified due to various reasons.

He said on the post of president and vice-president Gulam Rashid and Henry Tandau will compete respectively. Incumbent TOC secretary general Filbert Bayi is the only candidate for that post while Suleiman Jabir is the only person who is vying for the post of assistant secretary general.

Charles Nyange and Juma Zaidy are vying for the post of treasurer and assistant, respectively, while seven people namely Irene Mwansanga, Muharam Mchume, Noorelain Shariff, Noel Kunsi, Amina Lyamaiga, Donath Massawe and Juliana Yassoda will compete for the post of executive committee members from Mainland.

He said those competing for the executive committee members from Isles are Nasssra Mohammed, Mussa Rabi Fadhil, Sueliman Khamis, Abdulhakim Chasama, Ramadhan Omar

, Said Mansab
, Sheha Ali and Shakuru Nassor.
Chaulo named those competing for the post of Olympians Committee are Samwel Mwera, Fabiano Joseph and Zakia Mrisho.

The official named those who were disqualified as Hassan Jarufu who wanted to compete for the post of vice president, Lukelo Willio and Abdulrahman Hassan who were vying for the post of executive committee from Mainland and Isles, respectively.

“After going through the names, the commission has disqualified three people from the elections, they had various problems, but the door is open for them to appeal and let me also inform the public that campaign period has started”, he said.

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