Ruaha Titans stretch winning run in TCA Dar es Salaam U-18 Tournament

29Jun 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Ruaha Titans stretch winning run in TCA Dar es Salaam U-18 Tournament

RUAHA Titans' cricketers have continued enjoying a winning spree in the 2021 Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) Dar es Salaam U-18 Tournament, notching a 183-run win over Ngorongoro Warriors yesterday.

Ruaha Titans cricket team

It is a second successive victory Ruaha Titans have notched and they are, as a result, deemed as serious competitors.

Brijesh Hitesh Kakkad displayed his batting virtuosity once Ruaha Titans went in to bat first, posting 240 runs and dropping three wickets in 20 overs.

The youthful cricketer made his presence felt, posting 73 runs, clearing the boundary on nine occasions.

He was nevertheless, not the only member of Ruaha Titans' batting unit with meaningful contribution, the rest of the top order put a good showing.

Openers, Burhanuddin Jamalee and Aaditya Bhattbhatt, proved were keen on wading off Ngorongoro Warriors' challenge from the early stages, given the two ended with impressive two-digit scores.

Jamalee scored 25 runs consisting of four fours whilst Bhattbhatt ended with 24 runs, cracking five fours.

Brijesh's impressive innings, which had helped the squad reach 207 runs after 17.6 overs, was ended Ngorongoro Warriors' Harsh Khidkikar.

The youthful cricketer's exit hardly weakened his team's resoluteness given Ankit Budhiya and John David helped the outfit pile runs.

The two cricketers returned with the bat in hand, Budhiya posted 26 runs not out, which included three fours and a six.

David ended less impressive displays he showcased in the first two games with  50 runs not out which included two fours.

Ngorongoro Warriors, thereafter, lost steam in the chase, recording 57 runs all out in 14.2 overs.

The youthful batsmen could hardly withstand Ruaha Titans' pressure, facing dismissal in quick succession.

Middle-order cricketer, Hriday Mengani, was so far the only performer with a two-digit figure, he notched 15 runs, nailing three fours.

Opening batsman, Divyansh Tiwari, was two runs short of a two-digit figure, his brief stint was brought about by ' Laksh Snehal.

Wickets kept falling as Ruaha Titans' bowlers kept on putting pressure on Ngorongoro Warriors' batting unit.

Harsh Khidkikar, who opened the innings with Tiwari, Faisal Mohammad Samir, Dev Patel, captain Avinash Patel, and Jenil Patel exited in quick succession, leaving Ngorongoro Warriors with 29 runs after 6.1 overs.

Mengani sought to stop the skid with his 15 runs, his resoluteness saw Ngorongoro Warriors reach 38 runs after 7.5 overs.

Shrey Mohanty ended with the bat in hand, the young cricketer scored seven runs not out consisting of a four.

Brijesh and Snehal were the performers that led Ruaha Titans' bowling onslaught, given they took three wickets apiece in their respective four-over stints.

Ruaha Titans had, before the last weekend victory, posted a 29-run win over Mikumi Hitters.

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