Seasoned DJs laud Serengeti Lite’s ‘Take a Bite out of Life’ campaign

02Sep 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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Seasoned DJs laud Serengeti Lite’s ‘Take a Bite out of Life’ campaign

A famous quote goes thus, 'Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!' There are many reasons as to why people love music, top among them being that it makes them feel good, it relieves them, comforts and excites them.

National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) Acting Executive Secretary, Matiko Mniko (C), applauds after presiding over the launch of the Serengeti Lite campaign, dubbed 'Take a Bite Out of Life', geared towards discovering Disk Jockey (DJ) talents. Standing (R ) is SBL’s Senior Brand Manager, Wankyo Marando, and (L) is one of the judges, Lawrence Daniel 'DJ Zero' from Clouds FM.PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

Music is a kind of language of emotion, with its components and patterns representing different feelings.

People, who have difficulty expressing their feelings in words, sometimes feel more comfortable expressing these emotions through music.

Music can mimic emotions. The temporal patterns of music mirror our emotional lives, such as the introduction, buildup, climax, and closure.

When we have occasions, whether happy or sad, we normally play music. Music has the power to connect and rejuvenate people.

It sometimes gives us the strength we need to proceed in some situations. When people go to events and parties, music is one of the most important things that entertain them.

However, that music is, more often than not, steered by someone from behind the scenes. He/she is called a Disc Jockey, DJ.

The DJs are extremely important persons to the music Industry.

They directly play music in front of the audience and interact with them on a more regular basis than other types of musicians.

The DJ can identify, gauge, and understand the fans’ preferences and therefore play them their music of choice.

His/her ability to swim with the tides and role with the punches of scores of playlists in his repertoire is a sight to behold!

That is why, Tanzania’s premier beer and spirits producer Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) recently chose, through its Serengeti Lite beer brand, to launch an exciting campaign.

The campaign involves competitions pitting scores of budding DJs across the country, offering them an opportunity of a lifetime to showcase their music-mixing prowess.

The ‘Take a Bite Out of Life’ campaign, as it is pleasantly called, targets, among other things, to provide Serengeti Lite consumers with an opportunity to display their talents, preparing them to achieve whatever their aspirations may be in life.   The three-month campaign will involve 5,200 contestants from across the country who will participate in a DJ competition whereby three lucky winners will walk away with DJ kits of up to 7m/- and will also be adopted as official DJs where they will be involved in future brand promotions and activations activities for the brand.

Lawrence Daniel, popularly known as ‘DJ Zero’ from Clouds FM radio station, is one of the judges of the competition.

DJ Zero says there are a lot of DJ talents out there but most of them are unable to demonstrate their capabilities as they lack platforms to showcase their skills.

“Scores of up-and-coming DJs have been asking me to assist them to become famous DJs like me but this has been difficult because I have limited resources to make them realize their dreams.  However, with the coming of this Serengeti Lite-sponsored DJ competition, their long-yearned-for chance is here and the sky is now the limit for them,” DJ Zero says.

He adds: “Music is a very powerful tool for one to expose his/her feelings… I thank Serengeti Lite for realizing this and therefore, providing these youngsters with a platform to demonstrate their talents. The opportunity also means giving people access to the music they love”. Another judge, the legendary DJ John Dilinga, popularly known as 'DJ JD', notes that the local music industry is growing rapidly and thanks Serengeti Lite beer for understanding the role that DJs play in the industry, thus rewarding them with the exciting idea of the DJ competition. “Music is always powered by DJs. I can unequivocally say that without the presence of DJs, music would be tasteless. When people enjoy their world-class Serengeti Lite beer, they will always need to have some good music that meets their expectations, and that music will be spiced up by a DJ,” 'DJ JD' says.

The SBL Senior Brand Manager, Mainstream Beer, Wankyo Marando, says any person who is above 18 years old and who feels that he/she has what it takes can participate in the competition.

“Anyone who is above 18 years can participate in the competition from where he/she is since the competition covers the whole country. Announcements on where the venues of the competition will be made in every region and district and will be done through roadshows, radio interviews, and Serengeti Lite Social media pages,” Wankyo discloses.

To participate in the DJ competition, interested participants will have to register in one of the outlets dedicated to the competition within their local areas and are required to have their playlists. There will be auditions every week.