Serengeti Lite impressed by Mainland Women’sLeague outfits'performance

26May 2022
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Serengeti Lite impressed by Mainland Women’sLeague outfits'performance

​​​​​​​THE Mainland Tanzania Women's Premier League, popularly known as the Serengeti Lite Women's Premier League (SWPL), successfully reached its climax last week with Simba Queens SC being crowned champions.

Simba Queens SC players and the club's officials celebrate with a trophy after the conclusion of the 2021/22 Serengeti Lite Women's Premier League, with the outfit having taken on Dodoma's Baobab Queens in one of the league's last round clashes in Dar es Salaam last weekend. Simba Queens SC lifted the top-flight trophy. PHOTO: COURTESY OF SIMBA QUEENS SC

Simba Queens SC won the title after defeating Mlandizi Queens in a very competitive game, held in Dar es Salaam, which saw the former emerge with a 2-1 victory.

This is the third consecutive season that Simba Queens SC is celebrating being crowned champion of the Serengeti Lite Women’s Premier League.

The league is currently growing from strength to strength due to generous support from one of the country’s leading beer brands, Serengeti Premium Lite.

The positive move follows a turning point in the history of women's soccer when Serengeti Premium Lite entered into a sponsorship deal with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to support the League.

Through the sponsorship, Serengeti Premium Lite became the first-ever sponsor to support women's soccer in the country. 

The sponsorship deal has transformed the league, making it more competitive and vibrant with the emergence of such strong teams as Simba Queens SC, JKT Queens, Yanga Princesses, Alliance Girls, Mlandizi Queens, and Mapinduzi Queens, to mention but a few.

And in a positive and encouraging gesture to local women's soccer development this year, Twiga Stars, Tanzania's national women's soccer team, was crowned the 2021 COSAFA Women's tournament champion after trouncing its opponents in South Africa, taking the country's name to yet another level in southern Africa's soccer arena.

Clifford Ndimbo, TFF information officer, stated that lack of sponsorship to the women's league had been one of the main challenges facing the development of women's soccer in the country.

Ndimbo revealed: "In Tanzania, women's soccer has been limping for a long time due to a lack of sponsorship. Since its inception, the Women's Premier League has lacked financial support to function smoothly like its men's counterpart.''

''At least that was the sorry situation until Serengeti Premium Lite came on board, injecting a new lease of life into women's soccer,'' Ndimbo noted.

He disclosed that the sponsorship has enabled the federation to run the league in a less stressful environment due to the popular beer brand's financial, material, and moral support.

The official pointed out: "Before this sponsorship, it was difficult for teams to travel to play away matches because of financial problems.''

"The league is now gradually gaining popularity, and we are even starting to hire professional players from outside the country," he added.

According to the SBL's Corporate Relations Director, John Wanyancha, Serengeti Premium Lite is proud to engage with the Women’s Premier League.

Wanyancha said that sponsorship has played a significant role in empowering women to increase their participation and performance in the sports sector in general, and in soccer in particular.

The SBL Senior Brand Manager, Mainstream Beer, Wankyo Marando, further disclosed that Serengeti Lite believes that giving more visibility to the numerous talented women in the sport, can help to raise their profile and the attractiveness of women’s soccer.  

“Soccer is no longer just a form of entertainment to the fans nor is it just a preserve for men only, it is also meant to unite and inspire people across the globe. It is also a source of steady income to the players,” Wankyo stated.

Serengeti Trade Mark's solid commitment to support the sports sector in the country was also recently cemented once again following Serengeti Premium Lager’s renewal of a sponsorship contract with Taifa Stars, Tanzania's senior national men’s soccer team, at an event held in Dar es Salaam.

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