Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium goes for renovation

17Dec 2017
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Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium goes for renovation

ARUSHA’s Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium has gone for pitch repair in a bid to ensure the venue is ideal for hosting the Mainland Premier League’s matches next season.

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) had earlier asked the venue’s owners, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to give the whole venue repair.

The party’s regional publicity secretary, Shabani Mdoe, said however that some parts of the venue had already undergone repairs.

Other parts of the venue host sports disciplines like athletics, netball and basketball.

Mdoe said there are limited funds for pitch repair, highlighting the party’s focus on participating in a by-election in Longido constituency in the region.

A lot, though, has been done as far as pitch repair is concerned, Mdoe underlined. 

With the pitch repair still in progress, soccer training sessions and matches will not take place at the venue, he said, urging soccer enthusiasts in the city to exercise patience.

Pitch maintenance was in its final stages, he said, citing that there is work to be done about termite or ant colonies beneath the pitch that protrude and damage the ground.

Installation of electric cables for lights has been postponed because of low voltage and other technical problems, he said, pointing out that enough funds were needed for the task.

He appealed for investments in the sport with a view to strengthen economic activities in the region, which include tourism.

“Once we invest in the sport, there's a possibility for the region’s teams to win promotion to the Mainland Premier League,” he said.

“When the teams play home matches, incomes in hotels and other businesses will improve,” he said.

An Arusha District Football Association (ADFA) official, Athumani Juma, said that maintenance works on the Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium has gone hand in hand with an increase in the number of teams participating in the regional third division league, the national second division league (SDL) and national first division league (FDL).

He pointed out that over 10 outfits are featuring in the regional third division league, the region’s six clubs are battling it out in the SDL and one outfit is taking part in the FDL.

“Arusha is slowly regaining its lost glory in soccer, thanks to maintenance work on the Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium by the venue’s owners in collaboration with the regional football association,” he declared.

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