Simba perplexed over next season’s squad composition

04May 2016
Michael Mwebe
The Guardian
Simba perplexed over next season’s squad composition

AS the Mainland premier soccer league comes to an within the next three weeks, one of the giants, Simba, have a daunting task of choice to retain or release players forming the squad.

Mussa Hassan Mgosi...has seen better days

Unless football miracle happens, Simba have daunting task to finish the season with a premiership silverware. There will be many changes that have to be made. Certain players will have to be offloaded and others stay and fight for their place next season.

The club’s Player’s recruitment and registration committee chairman, Hans Poppe was recently quoted stating that the club is shopping for a head coach, it is becoming certain that that the interim coach, Jackson Mayanja won’t be in charge next season.

A new coach will have a hard job in getting Simba back to the top. It’ll require a lot of hard work and new acquisitions. However, before he deals with new players, he’ll first have to assess the current squad and evaluate who should stay and who should depart.

The biggest challenge is time and it is more likely that the new coach won’t have that. Here is a look at who should stay and who should leave Msimbazi.
While he cannot be termed an unqualified success, the Ivorian shot-stopper Vincent Agban should stay.

He needs a competent back up to push him. That’s why may be it is time to bid goodbye to Peter Manyika and invest in another quality goalkeeper.

Simba defence has not been that bad but certainly not good enough. In the right fullback Hassan Kessy is going out with his contract coming to an end. His deputy, Emery Nimubona is a curious case.

He is not bad but is not in the class of Juma Abdul of Yanga and Azam’s Shomari Kapombe of. He should stay because he adds depths to the squad but Simba need a solid and consistent fullback to compete at par with Azam and Yanga.

Abdi Banda has been in and out of the squad. He is not reliable despite his talent and versatility. His indiscipline factors and injury record is a case for concern. He should stay to provide depth to the squad.

Juuko Mursheed recent performance has been far from convincing but he should definitely stay. Hassan Isihaka and Novaty Lufunga provide a dilemma. One should definitely go to create space for an upgrade.

Jonas Mkude and Justice Majabvi have been good but they need competition to up their game. Both are ball players, an aggressive midfielder would be an ideal complement for the duo.

Mwinyi Kazimoto is a fragile character, his best days are beyond him now. He can hardly play for ninety minutes. A little openings of the purse can get a better option. A creative but more aggressive midfielder.

Said Ndemla has been sidelined since Jackson Mayanja took over but it would a bad move to let him go. Brian Majwega has failed to prove his case. It time to let him pack.

Raphael Kiongera contract is coming to end this month and it is good for both sides that the marriage is ending soon. It has been two years of nightmares for Kiongera, his confidence has all gone. Simba is not the place to regain it.

Ibrahim Ajib case is similar to Abdi Banda. He is young but frustrating, unreliable and at times seems to lack ambition. However, his age and talents plus the goals and assists racked this season should see him stay.

Hamisi Kiiza case is sealed. He has carried the club, more consistent and reliable than any other striker in Simba line-up. Even with the occasional indiscipline issues being raised, Simba still need him. It is not easy to replace a double digit number of goal scorer.

Mussa Hassan Mgosi has seen better days. There is no argument to support his case to be at Msimbazi next season. He should definitely go.

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