Simba SC and Yanga still struggle with short-term contracts

04May 2022
Nassir Nchimbi
The Guardian
Simba SC and Yanga still struggle with short-term contracts

REPORTS indicate Azam FC is battling to bring back the squad's former goalkeeper Aishi Manula after struggling to find a perfect fit since his replacement, Ghanaian Razack Abalora, left on a free transfer.

Simba SC defender Joash Onyango is one of the NBC Premier League outfit footballers handed short-term contracts.

Azam FC has put a lot of money on the table. If a soccer enthusiast is a Simba SC fan, this news is shocking.

If a domestic soccer fraternity member is a Simba SC leader this news is even more shocking.

Simba SC will have to put a lot of money on the table to keep Manula whose contract with the outfit expires at the end of this season.

Then I thought the Joash Onyango issue would not be controversial, I was wrong.

I thought Yanga would be satisfied with their central defenders, Dickson Job and Bakari Mwamnyeto, I was wrong.

I hear that Simba wants to bring chaos to the Onyango issue. The Kenyan defender's contract, as is the case with Manula, also expires at the end of this season.

I have tried to imagine. Simba SC will face a major cash spree either at the end of the season or from now until the end of the season.

The Msimbazi Street club may find itself spending one billion shillings on building its squad for next season. First, the club has to spend a lot of money to retain the existing players.

I think it could be the largest amount of money ever spent on retaining existing players before the outfit starts looking out and bringing in new players. A large group of top players is ending their contracts.

Hassan Dilunga, Joash Onyango, Manula, Bernard Morrison, Meddie Kagere, Rally Bwalya, Kennedy Juma, and Chris Mugalu are all set to have their contracts with Simba SC expiring at the same time.

Every player in his position will claim a huge amount of sign-on fee, every player may find himself using the Clatous Chama contract as a measure of his ability to secure a lucrative contract with the club.

Fortunately for them all, they are joining the ranks of the other two big-money teams in the country, Yanga, and Azam FC.

It will be disconcerting news for Simba SC if the other two outfits want the players.

I am aware Simba SC wants to go to the market to recruit new players. After Yanga has improved and become more likely to win the top-flight silverware this season, Simba SC will want to reinvigorate the squad and rope in new quality players for the domestic and continental assignments.

And Simba SC knows that Yanga will also want to strengthen their squad.

The first area where Simba SC must enter the market for the most money is the offensive zone.

Msimbazi Street squad is not satisfied with what the club saw in John Bocco, Meddie Kagere, and Chris Mugalu this season.

The question that remains in Simba SC leaders' minds is whether they will extend Mugalu's contract or bring in another striker.

But Simba SC could also go to the market to rope in a foreign center-back because there is a high percentage the club will part ways with Ivory Coast defender Sergi Wawa.

Simba SC believes the defender's time at the top level has passed and his place has gone directly to Enock Inonga who has been playing alongside Onyango as central defensive partners.

Yanga will soon face this challenge. This season Yanga can breathe and fight for a few players, but next season they will have a difficult life.

For starters attacker, Fiston Mayele will see his contract with the side expire. A football lover never knows what will happen next.

Khalid Aucho, Yannick Bangala, Jesus Moloko, Djuma Shaban, all of these will have their contracts with Yanga expiring.

At the moment Yanga can breathe because they know they will have these stars in the continental matches they will participate in because they are close to winning the Premier League title.

Yanga will have to spend a lot of money to retain these stars because they have automatically joined their first team this season and changed the team drastically.

This is Yanga's problem or advantage in recent years. Each player comes in with automatic relevance.

Herritier Makambo is the player I am not sure if he will be at the club either the end of this season or at the end of next season.

He is back at Yanga but has failed to show his edge the way he did before he left the club three years ago.

Simba and Yanga have found themselves in this predicament of retaining their dependable footballers for a lot of money in the short term due to the habit of giving them two-year contracts.

It has become an order among domestic clubs. Contracts run for two years. So far football lovers have not been able to find an answer to why the contracts must run for two years.

There are probably two reasons. The first reason is that the players enjoy contracts of this kind. 

They know that in the next 24 months they will have more money to sign a new contract (signing-on fee).

They believe that if they sign longer contracts then sign-on fees will be delayed.

But clubs also seem to enjoy this situation. They get nervous with the level of the players.

They feel they can hand a player a long-term contract and then his performance plummets along the way.

The player will be bound by his contract when the outfits' leaders tell him they do not need him anymore.

This is what happened to Makambo. Yanga believed that they had signed a top striker but he is never the same now.

And even at the end of this season, Yanga may want to part ways with him but the attacker must convince them that he has a contract. Yanga will have to pay a large sum of money to terminate his contract.

But I sincerely wish Yanga had given Mayele a long-term contract. However, when they gave him a short-term contract they did not know what Mayele could give them so far.

The problem with the country's football clubs is they focus more on the new players than the existing performers.

Domestic soccer fans have as well taken up this behaviour. They are not excited to hear a player extends his contract with an outfit, they are excited to hear that a new top player is coming to the club.


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