Simba SC chairmanship's candidate holds campaign in Dar

23Jan 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Simba SC chairmanship's candidate holds campaign in Dar

​​​​​​​JUMA Nkamia, one of candidates for Simba Sports Club's chairman's post, has said cooperating with the outfit's members located all over the country and giving them freedom to contribute ideas for the squad's development is one of his priorities, once he is elected for the post.

​​​​​​​Juma Nkamia.

Nkamia (pictured), who was Member of Parliament for Dodoma's Chemba Constituency, is vying for the chairman's post with Murtaza Mangungu who was also the Member of Parliament for North Kilwa Constituency.

They are seeking to fill the vacancy left by Sued Nkwabi in the by-election scheduled for February 7, this year.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, Nkamia said he is no stranger to the club as he had previously been Simba's publicity secretary, so he is aware of the aspirations and visions of the team's members.

"I would like to ask my loved ones and members to give me the opportunity, as well as to have four priorities that I believe have been bothering Simba,'' he said.

He noted: "I will unite members across the country and give them the opportunity to contribute ideas for the development of the team."

Nkamia had moreover served as Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports.

He said other priorities include overseeing the transformation of which the process has already begun in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the team.

Solving some of the challenges including an investigation that the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) has launched into the outfit's merger by holding a joint session to end the differences also features in his priorities.

He also said that since the game of football requires a huge investment, given the consent, he will work with other leaders to add other sources of income in the interest of the team.

He said his campaign will be launched in Dar es Salaam today and after that he will hold a press conference before announcing schedule for other regions.

Simba's Election Committee's Chairman Boniface Lihamwike has called on the outfit's members and fan to turn out in large numbers at the candidates' meetings to test them and their policies so that they can choose the best leader.

"Members should not mock and boycott the campaigns, they should come out in large numbers to test the candidates' capacity as we have plenty of time for candidates seek for votes and get a chance to be elected,” he said.

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