Six Kigoma teens join Azam squad

06Dec 2016
Letas Morice
The Guardian
Six Kigoma teens join Azam squad

SIX under 17 youngsters have won hearts of Azam’s team of scouting selectors following their impressive display in Kigoma over the weekend.

Teenagers practise during Azam soccer scouting programme in Kigoma at the weekend.

The campaign was held at the Lake Tanganyika Stadium under the club’s development officer for teenage football, Tom Legg who was closely assisted by teenage coach, John Matambara.

Legg concluded the programme by selecting the best teenagers and enlisting 20 others in his diary with a view to give them another opportunity in the future.

A whooping total of 544 turned out for the event in Kigoma before being chopped to make a list of 20 remarkable youngsters ahed of the final selection of six.

The number of those who have turned out for the programme until now has raised up to 3,809, while those who have impressed the team of selectors and so far been selected are only 89 and other 171 are on the reserve diary list of the club’s programme.

The programme, so far, falls under the club’s development strategy to search for best teenage players from different parts of the country who will form the youth team and, in that case ease selection for the senior Azam team.

Teenagers who have been selected from the regions already visited by the club’s team of selectors, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Morogoro, Dodoma, Mbeya, Mwanza, Zanzibar and Kigoma, will be called up at the Azam Complex, for final selection.

Youngsters, who will squeeze through the final selection will make up the youth team in January.

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