Social media now valuable means of furthering one’s music career   

18Sep 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Social media now valuable means of furthering one’s music career   

SOCIAL media platforms were, in the past, considered as means for people to cheaply gain popularity and self-expression.

Tanzanian Afropop musician, Frankie Maston, is among musicians that make full use of social media to make their career successful.

Recently, people have realized how powerful social media is and can be when it comes to promotion, marketing, and advertising.

Artists, entertainers, and even big companies make use of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote, advertise and market themselves and their products.

These days having many followers on Instagram is not just a flex, it is a privilege and a source of livelihood.

Frankie Maston is one of the domestic artists, who have employed social media to further their careers.

Maston is an Afropop musician who has stormed the music industry with such catchy songs as 'Mimi na Wewe', 'Right Now,' and more.

Maston has always loved music since he was a young boy. In 2016 he decided to kick start his music career, performing live on different platforms in Dar es Salaam (Lyricist Lounge, Coffee House Sessions).

Now He is a touring artist around East Africa (Nairobi, Zanzibar, Arusha, Dar es Salaam) and South Africa with a live music platform, known as 'Bantu Grooves'.

It takes place once every two months in Dar es Salaam and shines a light on other up-and-coming artists too.

“If I had to describe my music in three words I would say sweet, soulful, and sassy,” Maston describes his music.

He is an ideal example of how one can employ social media to further their career.

Through social media, he was able to establish a relationship with his target audience as well as engage with them, promote himself as an artist, his music, and concerts.

“Social media is a platform and a channel where I as an artist get to build an audience and also connect with it, I look at it as my very own TV station, hence for me, it’s one of my powerful channels of communication,” Maston says.

“I pretty much share everything on my social media and through the direct connection with my audience I get to learn a lot about how they receive my music and what they learn from it.''

''It’s also a very significant platform for me to share my music, promote my shows, post my covers and acoustics.''

''It’s a safe space for me to connect and engage with my audience,” the artist explains

“For upcoming artists who desire to make use of their social media accounts to grow their music careers I advice them to look into what people like about their works and give them a whole lot of that.''

''For example, sometimes my followers just like to hear me talk on my Instagram stories on relevant issues and sing covers because they love my voice and that sparks engagement.''

''Also learn to create eye-catching and entertaining content,” the musician disclosed.

“Another thing is to research the right time to post, thanks to Instagram you can now see what time is the engagement better for posting like sometimes I post at 6 am because I know that is when a good amount of my followers are active.''

''Furthermore, play along with the current social media trends and challenges it puts you out there.”

As for the future, Maston is in the middle of compiling his soon-to-be-released Extended Play (EP).

“I’m very excited for the future because currently, I’m compiling my debut EP, I don’t want to spoil it but I’m looking to explore various sounds,” the artist noted.

This is just the beginning for the musician and he is more than excited for what the future has to offer.

“In five years I see myself travel the world to inspire people with my music and fashion as well as building an audience so big it would fill an entire arena.''

''But I'm also really in love with fashion hence I see myself doing fashion, it’s what I had been doing for seven years until I started being active with my music.”

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