Sports associations' delay in submitting plans irks NSC

25Jun 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Sports associations' delay in submitting plans irks NSC

THE National Sports Council (NSC) has reached out to the national sports associations which have so far not submitted their strategies for 2020/2021 despite the exercise being required to be completed in March.

It should be noted that, as of March this year, 39 associations had submitted their strategies, prompting the NSC Acting Executive Secretary, George Msonde, to give out seven more days that ended on March 12 for all sports associations in the country to submit their plans.

The NSC official noted the associations' failure to meet the required deadline will be deemed as a violation of the government's order and action would be taken against them.

Msonde's order was a continuation of the original order issued by the Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Hassan Abbas, at the beginning of December last year when he opened and then gave a presentation at a seminar for information officers and spokespersons of various associations, federations and sports clubs on how to speak and broadcast sports issues.

Malya Sports Development College's Dar es Salaam Campus hosted the presentation.

In his order, Abbas claimed that they have identified that one of the reasons why the national teams do not perform well internationally is that some of the associations and federations that manage national teams are considered private.

Abbas stated the bodies fail to fund the national sides' preparations for international competitions, a situation which leads to poor performance.

The reason, in this case, prompted him to issue the order which was officially closed on December 31, where more than 20 associations presented their strategies which were analyzed by sports officials who, after completing the work, submitted to the ministry for implementation.

Despite the deadline date, they continued with the exercise of receiving documents of strategies of the associations and federations which were delayed in submitting the due date with Abbas making it clear that the government still considered it prudent to continue receiving strategies presented by those who were late in submitting.

But a statement issued by the NSC information officer, Frank Mgunga made it clear that so far there are 39 submissions which are from Tanzania Wheelchair Basketball Association (TWABA), Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TLGU), Tanzania Wrestling Federation, Tanzania Sports Medicine Association (TASMA), Tanzania Kabaddi Sport Association (TKSA) and Tanzania Tennis Federation.

There are also Tanzania Netball Association (Chaneta), Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), Fitness Instructors Association of Tanzania, Tanzania Body Building Federation, Tanzania Baseball and Softball Association, Tanzania Pool Association, Tanzania Cricket Association, Athletics Tanzania (AT), Association of Taekwon-du, Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission, Tanzania Handball Association, Traditional Sports Association (TASCA), Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF), as well as Tanzania Swimming Association.

Others are the Special Olympics Association, Sports Association for the Deaf, Judo Association, Tanzania Paralympic Committee (TPC), Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC), Tanzania Sailing Association (TSA), Automobile Association of Tanzania, arrow association.

The statement said that they have repeatedly reminded the associations and federations to submit their annual strategies and calendars to help NSC to be aware of their national and international events but many have not done so.

The statement noted: ''But now there are some associations that have emerged and want help without submitting their plans or games that are not on the calendar which makes it difficult to implement and it looks like the NSC does not want to help them which is not true.''

"We have, several times, reminded them but many have remained silent but when it comes to problems they have been at the forefront of blaming.''

"The NSC is committed to ensuring that all sports in the country perform well and perform well internally and externally and that is why we continue to urge the federations and associations to adhere to their plans and schedules," he said.

"The events of the year are in line with the calendar and will help eliminate these emerging conflicts of other events to exist outside their calendars so once again associations that have not come up with strategies and their calendars should do so quickly," Mgunga noted.

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