Sputanza set to sort out Yanga, Moro misunderstanding

08Jun 2021
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Sputanza set to sort out Yanga, Moro misunderstanding

THE Tanzania Soccer Players Union (Sputanza)'s Chairman, Mussa Kissoky, has said that they have invited Yanga and the side's center back, Lamine Moro, to sort out the misunderstanding between the two parties.

Lamine Moro

The statement has been issued by Kissoky, with the Ghanaian center back still yet to complain about his club, which recently meted out punishment on the player for alleged misconduct.

The Sputanza leader disclosed the union has, as a result, called Yanga officials and Moro to discuss the issue and reach an agreement.

Kissoky said so far neither of them has communicated with the association.

The Sputanza boss said: “So far we have not received any complaints from either Yanga or Lamine Moro, but if they have failed to resolve their differences come to the table and we will listen to them.''

Kissoky stated: "I hate it when some clubs do not disclose their players' misconduct, no athlete in the world has succeeded without valuing respect.''

"Then there is an issue that has arisen, which has some clubs punishing players once the players demand their payment.''

The Ghanaian defender was recently removed from the team's camp in Mtwara region for what was described by the team's management as having clashed with head coach Nasreddine Nabi.

Nabi was said to have forced Moro to continue taking part in training whereas the defender was injured.

Commenting on the incident, Moro said the text messages he received from a section of the outfit's fans scared him, he felt that he might be harmed by the enthusiasts, who had expressed anger against him.

"Fans are sending me threatening messages as if I haven't done anything for this club, this has led to my officials reporting on social media that I have committed misconduct, which is not true," he said.

The former Yanga skipper said it hurt him because he has been 100 percent committed to fighting for the team's success but he is surprised by what is going on right now that he has no discipline and has clashed with the coach.

He said he is awaiting a decision from the management to find out the future of the issue which has sparked much controversy.

He was adamant he is still a Yanga player and will continue to serve the outfit until the completion o this season's Vodacom Premier League, with his contract set to expire at the end of the season.

He said he can not say anything right now as he is still contracted t Yanga, and is waiting for his leaders to meet and decide on the matter and after that, he would know what to do but he believes the issue will be settled.

Apart from Moro, the club's other players who have been embroiled in a dispute and faced suspension are suspended are keeper Metacha Mnata, who was removed from the side's camp in Shinyanga, and Ghanaian striker Michael Sarpong, who was also sent back to Dar es Salaam from Shinyanga for alleged misconduct.

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