Stage set for National Swimming Championships

13Apr 2019
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Stage set for National Swimming Championships

TEN clubs have been confirmed to compete in the National Swimming Club Championships scheduled to start at the International School of Tanganyika (IST), Upanga swimming pool in Dar es Salaam today.

The chairperson of organising committee, Hadija Shebe, mentioned the clubs as Bluefins, Champion Rise, Morogoro International School’s Piranhas, Mwanza Swimming, FK Blue and Zanzibar Wahoo.

Other clubs according to Hadija are ISM-Moshi, ISM-Arusha, FK Blue Marlins, Taliss-IST and the defending champions, Dar es Salaam Swim Club (DSC).

Hadija said the preparations for the event are complete and it has been sponsored by IST, Azam, Pepsi, Asas, Samsung, DTB Bank, Kaka’s, Food Lovers and Snow Cream.

The event also has been sponsored by Kastipharn Ltd, Ruru Logistics, Knight Support, Opportune Travel ltd, Pyramid Consumers, Print Galore, ITV Media, Clouds FM, Subway, NMB Bank and Umoja Grand Belt and Road Restaurant.

She said swimmers that are studying abroad have arrived in the city and will compete in the event.

The swimmers are Sonia Tumiotto, Maia Tumiotto, Collins Saliboko, Dennis Mhini, Chichi Zengeni, Natalia Sanford, Smriti Gorkarn and Delvin Barick, all from St Felix Swim Club based in the United Kingdom.

Others are Christian Shirima who comes from Ukraine, Isam Sepetu (South Africa), Hilal Hemed Hilal and Kangeta, both from Dubai’s Hamilton Aquatic Swimming Club.

She noted Chichi, Smriti, Sonia, Maia, Isam and Shirima will swim for the defending champions, Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) while Saliboko and Mhini will compete for MIS Piranhas and Barick will swim for the Mwanza Swimming Club.

According to the organizing committee chairperson, Hilal and Kangeta will swim for the Taliss-IST Club while Natalia will feature for the FK Blue Marlins squad.

The swimmers will compete in five swimming styles namely Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Backstroke and Individual Medley. The swimmers will also compete in relay in the event which will have 108 disciplines.

According to Hadija, the event is also dubbed as the 2019 World Championship qualifier. The world’s swimming governing body (FINA) disclosed that it has sanctioned the championship as one of the qualifying events for the global competition.

She said FINA sanctioned the national event after being satisfied with the way Tanzania’s swimming authorities organise and conduct it.


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