AT steps up preps for Africa Zone Five U-18 championship

13Jun 2018
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
AT steps up preps for Africa Zone Five U-18 championship

ATHLETICS Tanzania (AT) has said preparations for the Africa Zone Five U-18 championship are moving on smoothly, with participants from outside the country set to arrive in Dar es Salaam on June 28.

The championship has been scheduled to take place in the city from June 29-30.

Wilhelm Gidabuday, who serves as the AT secretary general, disclosed preparations are moving on well and noted athletes that will represent Tanzania Mainland in the championship will be selected from this year's secondary schools games (Umisseta).  

He said countries which are expected to battle it out in the Africa Zone Five U-18 championship are Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Rwanda, Somalia and hosts, Tanzania, who will field athletes from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

He said AT is keen on seeing to it the participating countries do not field overage athletes in the championship.

“Our squad will have athletes that have excelled in the Umisseta games that are taking place in Mwanza, we have sent a team of experts to select athletes based on the latter's competence," the AT official disclosed.

He said the selected athletes will then enter an 11-day camp at the Filbert Bayi Schools in Coast Region. 

The athletes will thereafter make their way back to Dar es Salaam to join the other participating athletes at the Salvation Army's hostels.

Gidabuday moreover revealed AT has formed a special committee for reviewing the body's constitution, which had earlier been presented to the Registrar of Sports Associations without having fulfilled the requirements.

He said the constitution, which had been discussed and approved by the AT's general meeting and the association's executive committee, is not the one that was presented to the Registrar of Sports Associations, which had articles that were not approved by the meeting.

“The Registrar of Sports Associations was surprised the constitution does not have clauses he had proposed for inclusion in it, the constitution also had a forged sign of the association's assistant secretary," the AT official disclosed.

"We found that it wasn't the one which was reviewed and approved by the general meeting after it was sent back to us."

Gidabuday, who is also one of the members of the special committee, mentioned other members as Filbert Bayi, Mwinga Mwanjala, Tullo Chambo and the committee’s chairman, Meta Petro.

The AT official said the committee has been tasked with reviewing the constitution and suggest steps AT should take against the person who added the clauses that were not approved by the association's general meeting.