Suitable clothes for hot weather   

21Aug 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Suitable clothes for hot weather   

​​​​​​​SUMMER is the time of the year when there is hot weather and an ideal time that most people are on vacation and will always want to dress in a relaxing way.

A model showcases a creation by one of the East African fashion designers during a recent show which took place in Dar es Salaam. AGENCIES

The weather is also conducive to dress in a way that is comfortable and appealing.

Some of the wear includes fashionable sleeveless trendy wear for ladies during summer.

Although we wear what we want, we should also remember to be fancy and sexy and in a way that matches the weather so that we can look more trendy and attractive.

Fancy and sexy dressing style can keep you out of a lot of sweat and prevent unnecessary odour that can be produced by the body.

Not to forget that it can also give you the sense of trend, being the most updated ‘fashionista’.

Therefore, the dressing is advised to be light. By light dressing, I mean dressing that will make you comfortable but much more ventilating.

This will keep you cheerful all day and comfortable with the hot weather's sunny days.

One can decide to wear a short and a fancy t-shirt and some sandals or rubbers.

Another trendy wear could be nice trousers or a cadet and a t-shirt.

Beach pants are also trendy and good-looking.

Flattering high-waisted bikinis are also taking over this summer.

According to the Pinterest blog, the fanciest clothes are those won to fit the occasion.

The summer season wear, therefore, will be those that allow the exchange of air and good ventilation.

Most people especially of western origin love to wear biker shorts and lighter blouses or just bras that make them feel the air and good looking.

One should not forget to mash-up his or her dressing with some sunglasses and or a hat to keep you from the direct rays of the sun.                 

A fashionable trend of rattan bags, hats, and fancy sandals and outfits for summer.

Some tips can make sure you dress right for the summer season.

In an order of listing, they include avoid wearing tight clothing, wearing sleeveless or loose sleeved clothes especially blouses and shirts, wear light-coloured clothes especially those that do not absorb light, minimize accessories and choose breathable fabrics. This is for both men and women.

Some trendy men dressed in shorts and lighter clothes during summer.

This is the most conducive dress code combined with hats and sunglasses.

Unlike for African communities, decency is strongly abided by.

Therefore, most of them will dress in clothes or outfits that cover most parts or all parts of the bodies which is not a bad thing but sometimes it does not fit the summer occasion.

Before leaving the house we have to make sure that this summer season is more inspiring to you than ever and gives you the gut to wear anything as long as you are comfortable with it. One should not fear anyone.

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