Super Middleweight boxer resorts to rest

12Oct 2021
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Super Middleweight boxer resorts to rest

PROMINENT Tanzanian Super Middleweight boxer, Abdallah Pazi 'Dullah Mbabe', has said he has chosen to rest after losing a non-title Super Middleweight fight against the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s Tshimanga Katompa in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

Tanzanian Super Middleweight boxer Abdallah Pazi (L) trades punches with Zulipikaer Maimaitiali of China in a World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia-Pacific Super Middleweight title fight, which took place in China last year. AGENCIES

Pazi, the number two boxer in the Super Middleweight division in Tanzania, pointed out the decision to rest aims at offering him an opportunity to regroup.

The outspoken pugilist was earlier set to trade punches with Katompa's compatriot, Alex Kabangu that could though not feature in the fight because of the issues he experienced.

"Next year I think I'll be back, but for now let me rest first, calm down, reorganize myself so that I can have a new vigour when I get back on the ring,'' he said.

He said since he was beaten by compatriot, Twaha Kassim, he did not get enough time to rest.

"I spent a lot of energy to prepare for the bout, I had also prepared to travel to Germany to take part in a fight, although the fight was postponed, then I faced the Congolese.''

"All that time I spent a lot of energy starting from preparation, so I need to rest for this season's remainder," he said.

Pazi moreover apologized to his fans for the last weekend's defeat, insisting it is part of the game.

"You should keep on supporting me this season when I will be out of action until next year when I come back with new strength and enthusiasm," he noted.

This is the pugilist's second defeat in high-profile fights, which have taken place in Dar es Salaam. The pugilist previously lost to Kassim.

Kassim, another popular local pugilist in the Super Middleweight division, recently made it clear that his fight against Pazi was exhausting.

Morogoro-based Kassim, now the division's leading pugilist domestically, moreover disclosed he did not expect the number two boxer, who is as well his long-time rival, to be beaten by Katompa.

Kassim was seen watching the fight on television in Morogoro, the pugilist was time and again holding his head in disbelief whilst watching it.

"I'm hurt, I felt like I was the one taking part in the fight, there were times I wanted to shout but that's the game, Pazi's fight has hurt me a lot," he said.

He said he followed the fight from start to finish and there were times he overcame his temper and felt like he was on the verge of collapsing.

Kassim revealed that Pazi lost the fight because of failure to get enough time to rest after the August bout against the former.

"When I heard he was fighting again, I was shocked, because our bout was tough, so he needed time to rest before returning to the ring.''

"Since that fight, I officially started training on Monday, I rested because it was difficult, Pazi chose to feature in the fight, I believe that also played the part.''

"He is a good boxer but he has lost the fight, he nevertheless has time to prepare and become stronger," he disclosed.

He stated that before the fight he called Pazi and talked to him two or three times and wished him all the best.

"I also posted it on my Instagram page, Pazi and I are just rivals, after the bout, we are friends, I'm very hurt by the results because I like to watch fellow boxers enjoy success when they fight foreign pugilists.''

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