Swimmers set for Taliss-IST championship

21Feb 2020
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Swimmers set for Taliss-IST championship

SWIMMERS from nine clubs will have to sweat in order to compete in 105 swimming disciplines during the Taliss-IST championships to be held at the International School of Tanganyika (IST) Masaki in Dar es Salaam this weekend.

Taliss-IST Club swimmer, Roos Nevelsteen, competes during a past event which took place in Dar es Salaam.

The event organizers, Taliss-IST swimming club, announced yesterday that participating swimmers will compete in 71 swimming disciplines in the first day (on Saturday) while the remaining disciplines will be contested on Sunday.

The event coordinator, Hadija Shebe, said apart from the individual disciplines in five styles, the swimmers would be entitled to compete in relays as well as in open events which feature swimmers of different age categories.

Hadija said it is not easy competition as their target is to gauge the swimmer's competence, development and talents in the event which has been sponsored by Jubilee Insurance, Nissan and Azam.

“We expect to have very exciting days in the event. We are serious as we want to see to it swimming moves to great heights in the country,’’ she disclosed.

‘’Before that, we set the qualifying time that every swimmer had to meet, we are happy as many swimmers met the time standard.”

The competition will feature 228 swimmers that will compete in five different styles and relays including backstroke, butterfly, Individual Medley, breaststroke and freestyle.

The clubs with their swimmers in brackets are Taliss-IST (78), Bluefins (39) and the Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) which will field 31 swimmers.

Other clubs are Morogoro International School (MIS) Piranhas (27), International School of Zanzibar, alias Wahoo (6), FK Blue Marlins (25), Braeburn (9), Wahoo (6)and United World College East Africa (UWCEA) that will be represented by 13 swimmers.

This is the second swimming event as per Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) calendar.

The first event was organized by Morogoro International School (MIS).

The swimmers will compete in various events categorized according to age. Age categories for swimmers, both boys and girls, in the event will be for Under-eight, 9 and 10, 11 and 12, 13 and 14 and 15 and above.

The event will see the country’s top-ranked swimmers compete with swimmers from other clubs in the country. Hadija said they are now in intensive preparations ahead of the event aimed at promoting the game in the country.

“The event has been organized in order to make all swimmers busy and maintain their standards in the game,” the official said.

She noted awards will be presented to swimmers finishing in the first three positions in each event.