TADA shelves plan to join world body

31May 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
TADA shelves plan to join world body

TANZANIA Darts Association (TADA) has been forced to delay its plan to join the World Darts Federation (WDF) as the former has yet to fulfil the requirements set by the latter.

Participants of the 14th International Festival of Languages and Culture (IFLC) from 16 countries around the world pose for a photo with former Vice President of United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal (in black suit centre) at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

TADA vice-chairperson, Redempta Mwebesa, said the body is currently preparing the English version of its constitution as per the instruction from the WDF.

“We also have to see to it that TADA’s registration certificate’s name is similar to that of the body’s constitution,” she said.

Securing the WDF affiliation was one of the priorities set forth by the new TADA leadership shortly after it had assumed power early this year.

The new TADA leadership, as disclosed recently by the association’s secretary general, David Azaria, is keen on securing the WDF membership, a feat the previous TADA leadership failed to accomplish.

TADA, according to Azaria, stands to gain a lot by joining the WDF. All competitions organised by TADA, he said, will be approved by the WDF.The previous TADA leadership failed to join the WDF because the former could not raise the membership fee.

The WDF’s by law issued in 2014 discloses that the annual subscription fee payable to the federation by a member darts body is determined by the number of playing members registered with the particular darts body.

A member darts body that has registered players ranging from 251 to 5,000 is required to pay about $550 per year.
A minimum annual subscription $550 , as directed by the federation, is required before a member darts body can apply to promote a WDF sanctioned darts event.

The annual subscription fee is payable either before or on January 15 in each financial year.Mwebesa, moreover, said TADA has yet to secure an office because of financial crisis.

She said the association, though, has already secured all equipments needed for the office and will do all it can to raise funds for the acquisition of the office.

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