Tanga premiership trio still in trouble

08Apr 2016
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Tanga premiership trio still in trouble

TANGA Regions top flight sides of Mgambo, Coastal Union and African Sports are floating in dreadful relegation pool with five rounds of play before the season comes to an end early next month.

Coastal Union players

While Coastal Union is at the base of the premiership standings with 19 points, Mgambo and African Sports have identical 20 points to stay four points adrift of JKT Ruvu that is slightly above the relegation borderline.

Unless the trio put up scintillating display in their next five rounds of play, relegation is likely to take its toll.

Winning has been a tall order for the three teams as bottom placed Coastal Union has conceded the highest number of goals (33) among the three teams. Mgambo has scored the highest number of goals among the trio with relatively low aggregate of minus 12 goals to stay exactly on the relegation borderline.

It too early to judge of their relegation status but victory must stay on their focus if anything is to give them premiership survival hope.

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