Tanzania’s artistes should avoid using drugs-call

11Oct 2018
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Tanzania’s artistes should avoid using drugs-call

TANZANIA’s young singers should desist from using drugs as a stimulant for better performance on the stage, popular Danish musician, Espen Sorensen, aka ‘Mzungu Kichaa’, has urged.

Sorensen, who attended a Music Day concert hosted by Morogoro International School (MIS) recently, warned the schools pupils to avoid believing drugs are crucial for their success in the profession.

The competition saw the schools pupils perform different types of music ranging from domestic to foreign.

“You should not use banned substances, which are used by some of your fellows in streets,” Sorensen insisted.

Sorensen, who was one of celebrities that were invited by the school for the event, congratulated the school’s pupils who have been excelling in sports including swimming and in studies.

He said he, for one, did not need to use Marijuana in an effort to learn Maasai's greetings, noting he learn them without using any banned substance.

“I'm not an African but I managed to master Maasai language easily so you should trust your talent. You should not be talked into finding an alternative for success, you have to work hard, the musician disclosed.

Zhade Cox, who studied at the MIS, was presented with a Secondary School certificate for the best student by the school. She got seven A grades, two B grades and one C grade in her examinations.

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