Tanzania ought to improve Premier League management 

27Nov 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
The Guardian
Tanzania ought to improve Premier League management 

​​​​​​​IN 2018, CAF established a match management center within its headquarters offices in Cairo, Egypt.

Dodoma Jiji FC midfielder, Salmin Hoza (L), challenges Mbeya Kwanza FC forward Paul Peter as they faced off in an NBC Premier League tie that was played in Mbeya recently. PHOTO: COURTESY OF DODOMA JIJI FC

The center, called Match Command Center, serves as the heart of the stream of match information for all CAF tournaments.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and serves as a link between the CAF itself and their match managers, including broadcasters, security personnel, and even their marketing departments.

Due to this, the CAF added two people to each game to facilitate communication.

These people are the game's coordinators (General Coordinators) and the game's information officers.

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) have emulated CAF, setting up one of these positions, namely the Chief Game Coordinator!

In every game, there is a so-called match coordinator who comes from the TFF headquarters because they are the ones who have received CAF training.

This person is given more respect than even the referee of a particular game.

Assuming the game is taking place in Mwanza, the organizer will come from Dar es Salaam and will be airlifted and paid for everything while being given 600, 000/- a day as an allowance.

The central referee will board the bus, again at his fare and then be reimbursed later.

He will then be given 350,000/- for the entire trip, but the assistant referees get less than that.

So who told Tanzania's football officials that local football could not succeed without a match organizer and what exactly is he or she coordinating?

CAF has appointed the personnel due to their current system of governance including the main match management center, whereas TFF and the TPLB do not have the centers.

Now, what wonders does the local organizer bring and to whom does he/she report?

While the TFF and the TPLB are creating these sculptural positions for their superiors at Karume, the federation headquarters, our Zambian counterparts are fixing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in every stadium to deliver justice.

Zambia football authority is focusing on endeavours that will bring direct benefit to football, we imitate things that add unnecessary cost.

Zambian football earns less money than Tanzania, but the former's football stakeholders are doing bigger things than we are.

The Zambian Premier League is shown by DSTV on a $ 1 million-a-year deal.

The Mainland Tanzania Premier League is shown by Azam TV for a 10 million dollar contract per year.

The Mainland Tanzania Premier League has left it far behind in the Zambian Premier League revenue, but they are about to have VAR as we increase the allowance for the coordinators.

Planning is a choice, Zambia soccer authority has chosen development, whereas Tanzania has chosen to provide allowances. So what is the difference between a match organizer and a VAR?

Our Zambian counterparts, despite the small amount of money they invest in football, use it very well for development, whereas we make a lot of money and spend it by trickery.

And this is the difference between Tanzania and our peers who have surpassed us.

It goes down to choosing investment priorities. What we are investing in, and at what time? that is our problem!

We can spend time worrying about the most important things and working on the basics that would get us here.

Let us look at the selection of senior national football team players. Himid Mao, a midfielder who plays in a tough Egyptian Premier League and gets to start every match, is left out and replaced by Mzamiru Yassin, who is not a regular starter at Simba SC, he has starting place in the senior national team.

We are looking for victory in a tough match, with Nickson Kibabage playing on the flank while Idd Suleiman, a local footballer who did well in Premier League last season, was left on the bench.

Sadly, Tanzania blew its chances for featuring in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers' third round away for such reasons as low level of competence and lack of players who play soccer in European leagues.