Tanzanians should attend East Africa festival in big number - call

07Sep 2019
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Tanzanians should attend East Africa festival in big number - call

TANZANIANS should turn up in big number at the East Africa culture and arts festival, known as Jama, slated for September 21-29 at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam, Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Juliana Shonza, has disclosed.

Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Juliana Shonza.

The event will take place alongside a festival known as Urithi Festival, which had earlier taken place last year, in an effort to promote tourism.

Juliana noted 2000 stakeholders have confirmed to take part in the coming festival and out of the mentioned number, Tanzanians total 700.

She disclosed preparations for the festival, which has national appeal, are in top gear considering several stakeholders are full cooperating with the government to host the festival smoothly.

She appealed to stakeholders that include visual artists, fashion designers and others to attend the event and put their works to show.

She further requested the private sector to invest in the Urithi Festival which will next year be hosted by her ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

"I’m happy to see a good response from the stakeholders. Almost 2000 stakeholders have confirmed to participate in the festival,” she disclosed.

She was adamant the society should attend the event, which will play an important part in boosting tourism in the country.

She noted the Urithi Festival organizers are eager to make the event a success, considering it will be held in the country for the first time.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Constantine Kanyasu, disclosed he congratulates a committee which oversees preparations for the Jama Festival which will take place alongside Urithi Festival.

He noted his ministry last year organized Urithi Festival to motivate regions to as well host events to promote tourist sites.

He disclosed the regions failed to live up to expectations, noting he now appeals to the regions to attend Urithi Festival that will take place for a month. The Jama Festival will be a weeklong event.

He pointed out Urithi Festival will first be held in Dar es Salaam and will thereafter be held in nine regions.

He disclosed each of the regions will have to make the most of the festival to promote tourist sites in their respective areas.

Mtwara, Iringa, Mbeya and Kigoma, he noted, are a section of regions which will host Urithi Festival after the first event, noting the festival will climax in Mwanza.