TFF approves Kessy at Yanga

20Aug 2016
Fred Ogot
The Guardian
TFF approves Kessy at Yanga

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has approved Hassan Ramadhani ‘Kessy’ to play for Young Africans (Yanga) in the Mainland Premier League which kicks off today.

Hassan Ramadhani ‘Kessy’

TFF’s registration committee chairman Richard Sinamtwa said yesterday that after going through various registration documents, the committee saw no problem with his registration with Yanga and approved that he turns for the side.

He said that Kessy’s contract with Simba ended on June 15, 2016 and if his former club had a problem with him that has nothing to do with registration.

He said that things which Simba demanded from the player should not interfere with his registration.
“The demands should continue while Kessy is playing in the league,” he said.

The chairman said that the league regulations allow players to play football while cases involving clubs to which they are related are being sorted outside the pitch.

Simba are complaining that Kessy started being involved in Yanga activities while his contract with Simba had not run its course.