There is no problem giving out bonuses for league matches

14Oct 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
There is no problem giving out bonuses for league matches

AS soon as this season's NBC Premier League's fixture between Dodoma Jiji FC and Simba SC ended at the Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma, an advisor to Simba SC's Board of Directors, Crescentius Magori, issued a complaint on why do regional leaders give out bonuses to his outfit's opponents in the top .

Dodoma Jiji FC forward, Omary Kanyoro (L), battles for possession with Simba SC midfielder, Mzamiru Yassin, as the two sides faced off in this season's NBC Premier League fixture which took place in Dodoma recently. Dodoma Jiji FC lost 1-0. PHOTO: COURTESY OF SIMBA SC

Ali Salum Hapi, Mara Regional Commissioner, had presented 10m/- to the region's side, Biashara United, when the squad notched a 0-0 draw with Simba SC.

Anthony Mavunde, Dodoma Member of Parliament, also made a big promise to Dodoma Jiji FC players if they could either beat Simba or register a draw.

Is Simba SC experiencing sabotage? Is this style right? Magori was complaining that his outfit was being bullied.

I do not see a problem in Simba SC facing tough matches. Maybe the problem will come when the players of the opposing teams are committing dangerous fouls on Simba players.

Otherwise, there is no problem for Simba to be put into tough battles, and there is no problem for the likes of Mavunde to give money to their regions' outfits' players to contain Simba.

It is also possible that this money comes from the people supporting Yanga but there is still no problem.

Our football is more affected by the money that is sent to players to play below standard. This is dirty money.

The money is handed over to defenders of the opposing team and their goalkeeper to play below standard and, in the end, have their sides concede defeat.

Money that also goes to referees to officiate below standard should too fall in the category.

If footballers are given money to put better showing, I do not see a problem. I see no reason for a team to complain.

I think former Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda, once offered KMC FC 20m/- after the team recorded a draw with Yanga.

Makonda is an avid Simba SC fan. That money was equivalent to Hapi's and here I think is not a problem.

There are a lot of comments on Simba SC taking on opponents who give their all against the former. First of all, Simba is a four-time top-flight champion. Defeating them is a huge statement, but Simba beating Biashara United is not news.

Many players have been receiving praises for beating Simba. This has been happening since last season.

We saw players like those turning out for Prisons declare war on their Simba counterparts.

One of them was Prisons' veteran fullback Benjamin Asukile. For them, the match against Simba is a battle.

Within these very seasons, in which Simba has been the best, it still failed to get good results against city rivals Yanga.

The Jangwani Street outfit concentrates more on this type of match. As a result, Yanga notches good results.

Simba should expect to be overwhelmed because it is better than most opponents. It is the life of a great team around the world.

The basic thing is for the referee to follow all 17 rules of the game of football.

For example, the red card shown to Dodoma Jiji FC attacker, Anwar Jabir, for elbowing Simba SC defender Kennedy Juma was correct.

It is a punishment that cost Dodoma Jiji FC a lot after having contained Simba for most of the clash, before conceding a goal.

In France, the outfit with the most pressure is PSG because it is the best and has gathered more fans than their other rivals.

At one point PSG midfielder Neymar and his fellow players were complaining about how they were being fouled. They wanted to be protected.

In Germany, the most targeted outfit is Bayern Munich. Each team in the country top-flight comes up with the strongest plan when playing Bayern Munich.

However, Bayern has continued to be the best because the team succeeds in playing on its quality in every match.

In Italy the team that has been most challenged is Juventus. It is normal to feel good about yourself. You cannot be too stressed out if you do not have quality.

But the players of the opposing clubs in NBC Premier League cannot go easy on Simba SC the same way they do to other squads, that is Impossible.

But there are also two things that Simba, Yanga, and Azam FC should look at from now.

Current players want to play for these three big teams. They know that if they show their quality in these matches, they will get a chance to be signed up for a lot of money.

As the NBC Premier League has begun, many players are psychologically okay, because they will not miss salaries.

Azam Media's TV's sponsorship guarantees players of many modest sides in the NBC Premier League earn salaries.

It is time for Premier League's famous sides, Simba, Yanga, and Azam FC, to prove their worth by showcasing stellar performance on the pitch and not relying on easy weak opposition. This will not be healthy for our football.