Tigo Kili Half Marathon to bring over 5,000 athletes to Moshi  

21Jan 2019
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Tigo Kili Half Marathon to bring over 5,000 athletes to Moshi  

TELECOMMUNICATION firm, Tigo, has for the fifth year in a row been bringing together more than 5,000 Tanzanians in Moshi to participate in Tigo Kili Half Marathon.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Anna Mghwira, speaks at the official launch of registration of this year’s Tigo Kili Marathon in Moshi yesterday. The race has been scheduled for March 3 in the district. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

This year the 21km race is expected to take place in Moshi on March 3 and it has been described as something that steers up the tourism sector, as well as investment for businesspersons in the town that lies on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Northern Zone Tigo Manager, Lilian Mwalongo, said during a ceremony for launching registration for the race that through the competition, they expect to promote different tourist attractions.

“As it was the case in past years, the race will increase the number of visitors in Moshi town as well as tourist attractions available. Tigo Kili Half Marathon also seeks to increase people’s income,” Lilian said.

“We will pinpoint different opportunities in hotels, drink sellers, food vendors, entertainment halls, mobile phone vouchers, transporters in buses, motorbikes, taxis and other businesses that will be supported during the competition.”

She disclosed that Tigo sponsors the race in an effort to support government’s efforts in raising sports standard in the country as well as improve health of Tanzanians through their involvement in sports.

“In this area we expect to have international and local athletes, athletics spectators and family members of those who will participate in the Tigo Kili Half Marathon race,” she noted.

She said prizes will be issued to 10 first winners. There will also be medals, certificates of participation and souvenir T-shirts for the first 5,500 athletes who will complete the race.

The zonal manager assured the participants with reliable communication as Tigo is determined to extend Tigo 4G+ services to more than 22 towns in the country, including Moshi.

“Through our 4G+ network, all competitors in the TigoKili Half Marathon will have opportunities to send photos, video as well as well as memorial through the high speed network,” she disclosed.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Anna Mghwira, officially launched registration exercise of participants in the race. She said that Tigo Kili Half Marathon brings in many visitors, ranging from 12,000 to 15,000 people.

“This is an important means to improve tourism and business investment that is done by our people,” she said.

Tigo Kili Half Marathon Coordinator, John Bayo, said the race always has its own kind of attraction due to the fact that it attracts more than 5,000 people.

“May I ask Tanzanians to start registering at the very place they are by using Tigo Pesa network and accomplish everything by clicking *149*20# and will be notified all steps to follow,” he disclosed.

“The registration for this year’s race is different, last year we went on registering until a day before the race, something that led to some people missing numbers.”

“We have simplified the registration exercise system this year whereby Tanzanians who wish to participate will pay via Tigo Pesa app and register.”

“Tigo will simplify for us to know the number of those who want to compete in the Tigo Kili Half Marathon. Registration will be closed on February 7 this year so as to give room for logistics.”

“We are thankful that many have already started the registration exercise through Tigo Pesa app, we would like many more to turn up and get registered. We close early because it is the normal procedure all over the world in international competitions.”

“Tigo Pesa registration started in October last year by a promotional amount of 12,000/- until December 7 last year. From December 7 to January 7 this year, the payment was 15,000/- and from that time until February 7, payment will be 20,000/- for 21km race.”

“Apart from entertainment, the race will be the right thing to help you get rid of diseases including diabetes and blood pressure. Many of those with such diseases and others are advised to exercise... I ask them to come and participate in Tigo Kili Half Marathon so as to reduce fat and sugar from their bodies.”

Moshi Municipal Mayor, Raymond Mboya, hailed Tigo for sponsoring Tigo Kili Half Marathon as the race has made Moshi town famous internationally.

“The 21 kilometre race has received a great response by locals as well as visitors and it is apparent that not all come to take place in the race as a section of them are up for entertainment,” Mboya said.

“A visit by more than 5,000 people is gracious to our town and region, because businesspersons tap the opportunity to sell goods, hotels receive many visitors who spend nights there and generally business volume goes up.”

“Tigo have done a good thing, I congratulate them and ask them to increase something new and different; for example race for the elders from 60 years upwards…they should have their place to sprint and this will bring another new thing that will motivate more people to come out and run. As for me, I will try and go for Tigo Kili Half Marathon,” he disclosed.

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