TOC supports fight against Coronavirus spread 

25Mar 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TOC supports fight against Coronavirus spread 

TANZANIA Olympic Committee(TOC) has disclosed it is doing all it can to contain the spread of the Coronavirus disease in the country.

A Dar es Salaam athlete features in a training session at National Stadium in the city recently to prepare for events, scheduled for later this year. PHOTO; CORRESPONDENT JUMANNE JUMA

The committee’s Secretary General, Filbert Bayi, said their aim is to see to it the virus is contained so that sporting activities will again take place.

He said TOC, as it is the case for many organizations, are committed to see to it that the health of everyone is protected.

The TOC, he noted, is also supporting the containment of the virus and also safeguards the interests of the athletes and Olympic sport.

He said TOC and Internal Olympic Committee (IOC) are encouraging all athletes to continue to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games, to be hosted by Tokyo, as best they can.

The TOC official said his committee, in conjunction with IOC, will keep supporting the athletes and will keep on providing the athletes with the latest information and developments.

Bayi said TOC’s action is in response to IOC directive that all national sports bodies should do all they can to contain further spread of coronavirus.

In the IOC communique, the committee said it will continue acting as a responsible organization to end the spread of the outbreak.

‘’This communique sets out the principles established by the IOC Executive Board, together with their implementation in cooperation with all the stakeholders concerned,’’ the IOC disclosed.

‘’The IOC will continue to act as a responsible organization. In this context, the IOC asks all its stakeholders within their own remits to do everything to contribute to the containment of the virus," said part of the communique from IOC.

IOC further said its thoughts are with those who are affected by the virus.

"This is an unprecedented situation for the whole world, and our thoughts are with all those affected by this crisis.’’

‘’We are in solidarity with the whole of society to do everything to contain the virus,the situation around the COVID-19 virus is also impacting the preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and is changing day by day," IOC said.

The IOC affirmed it remains fully committed to the Tokyo Olympic Games and, with more than four months to go before the Games, there is no need for any drastic decisions at this stage.

The committee said any speculation at this moment would be counter-productive.

IOC said it will continue to monitor the situation everyday.

"Already in mid-February, a task force was set up consisting of the IOC, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the Japan authorities and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government,’’ the committee noted.

The purpose of the task force, as noted by the committee, is to ensure coordinated actions by all stakeholders.

‘’The task force’s mission is to keep a constant appraisal of the situation to form the basis for the ongoing operational planning and necessary adaptations,’’ IOC disclosed.

‘’The task force also monitors the implementation of the various actions decided.’’

‘’The IOC will continue to follow the guidance of this task force. The IOC decision will not be determined by financial interests, because, thanks to its risk management policies and insurance, it will in any case be able to continue its operations and accomplish its mission to organize the Olympic Games.’