Tourist board cooperates with Samatta to promote Tanzania

10Jan 2019
Renatha Msungu
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tourist board cooperates with Samatta to promote Tanzania

TANZANIA Tourism Board (TTB) has started communicating with the country's soccer player, Mbwana Samatta, who turns out for Belgium club, KRC Genk, with a view to seeing the player promotes Tanzania's tourist sites.

Mbwana Samatta

The TTB Director, Devotha Mdachi, told the press in Dar es Salaam yesterday the board is in a good position in the plan, noting they want to see to it the player is part of efforts to boost tourism in Tanzania.

Samatta is lately one of prominent football players in the world, given he is performing well for his club in both domestic top flight tournament and the UEFA Europa League.

Devotha disclosed the TTB wants to work with Samatta and the board believes the latter will help it in making the country's tourist sites known in Belgium.

The official added Tanzania has many soccer players that are putting their skills to show for different clubs outside the country and for that matter TTB wants to use the players to make the country's tourist sites known in countries they are currently living in.

Devotha noted the board there is nothing that can preventing the body from making the initiative a success, adding all the board needs is coming up with better plans for the initiative.

She insisted sports can promote Tanzania's tourist sites in the world.

The government moreover has asked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to bring in athletes from the rest of the world with the aim of promoting the country's tourist sites.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Constantine Kanyasu, issued the directives at a press conference in the city yesterday.

Kanyasu disclosed the ministry should organize a marathon race and invite top athletes from other countries in an effort to promote the country's tourist sites.

He maintained the country's tourist sites will be known all over the world through the initiative and, in the process, increase the number of tourists in Tanzania.

He said the government gears towards seeing to it the ministry enters contract with the foreign athletes and pay the latter handsomely and added the approach will be quite profitable.

He insisted the government is determined to ensure either party benefits from the event.