Trouble mars Arusha Football Association’s general elections        

01Aug 2020
Marc Nkwame
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Trouble mars Arusha Football Association’s general elections        

IT was supposed to be conducted next month, but the Arusha Regional Football Association (ARFA)'s general election seems to be hanging in limbo as authorities here demand official validity documents before the association could be allowed to proceed with the exercise.

Arusha's Mbuni FC players take part in training in the city recently to shape up for the this season's Second Division League (SDL). PHOTO; COURTESY OF MBUNI FOOTBALL CLUB

That is according to Benson Maneno, the Deputy Registrar of Sports Clubs in the Arusha city prefecture who, through an official letter with serials UD/R.40/1/92, has requested the ARFA officials to produce relevant documents to back the authenticity of both the association and election process.

“My office has requested ARFA officials to produce two types of valid documents, copies of authentic club constitution and a copy of registration certificate for the football association, as required by the law,” Maneno stated.

The city Sports Official was of view that the National Sports Council (NSC) Act number 12 of 1967, demands that all clubs and sports associations in the country must be fully registered and operating under respective members’ endorsed constitutions.

“It should be understood that we are not trying to stop ARFA’s elections, I do not possess such authority, it is only that my office demands the association to go about the process as per the country laws and regulations,” Maneno said.

As it happens the Arusha City Sports Office has not received the official documents from the ARFA.

Maneno, however, said they have given the association officials up to Monday to produce both the certificate and constitution.

When contacted about the issue, the ARFA Secretary General, Zakayo Mjema, said it was too early to comment about the subject because they were preparing for the election.

“Plus we are not about to start exchanging words with government officials, soon we shall meet to discuss the issue with sports officials,” Mjema maintained.

The Election Committee of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) had announced the general election for the ARFA should be held on September 2 2020.

According to the TFF release, the leadership slots to be filled during the ARFA polls include the Chairman's post, Vice-Chairman, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Annual General Meeting representatives and clubs' representative.

The election will also entail voting for members of the association’s Executive Committee.

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