TSA still solicits funds for Olympic qualifiers

22Mar 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
TSA still solicits funds for Olympic qualifiers

TANZANIA Swimming Association (TSA) says it is yet to source funds for Rio Olympic qualifiers in Dubai International aquatics championships slated for March 27 through April at Hamdan Sports Complex and Mauritius for CANA Zone 1V championships

TSA secretary general Ramadhani Namkomveka on Sunday said his association is doing everything possible to raise money for the two events starting with the Dubai championships which they need fund for the four swimmers, coach and official.

TSA last week selected swimmers as Hilal Hilal, Collins Saliboko, Aliasgher Karimjee and only female swimmer in the team Sonia Tumiotto for the Dubai event.

The four swimmers were selected based on their performance at the national swimming championships which was held at Heaven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) in Dares Salaam.

The swimmers have smashed galore records. Sonia Tumiotto has set new records in 10 events, Aliasgher Karimjee two records, Hilal Hilal eight and Collins Saliboko six.

However, details on the team’s departure date to Dubai, coach and official were not released as TSA said they are looking for money.
Namkomveka in an interview declined to disclose whether the team will travel to Dubai or not, saying more details of the team’s travelling reservation will be made public this week.

However, he hinted that if they fail to source money for the trip they will ask parents and guardians of swimmers to pay for their children.
“We have already booked everything for the Dubai trip what we are waiting is to have money for the team to travel, as the association’s the final stance on the team will be known this week. We will not withdraw our swimmers from the competition, the last resort will be to ask parents, guardians and well wishers to sponsor individual swimmers for the event” he said.
TSA also finds itself in a predicament as it must also raise funds to send swimmers to Mauritius CANA Zone 1V championships which will start from April 20.
The association named swimmers Hilal Hilal, Collins Saliboko, Celina Itatiro, Catherine Mason, Sonia Tumiotto, Dennis Mhini and Aliasga Karimee for the Mauritius event.
“We are in a very tight situation, working day and night to source money, we are always optimistic that we will get the money for the two events, you know the problem is that as the association we don’t have our own means of sourcing money, we always depend on well wishers, I am asking stakeholders to help us financially”, he said.

He said in case that no any Tanzania swimmer reaches qualifying time for Brazil Games, swimmers who attended meet in Kazan 2015 will be automatically eligible to be considered for Rio Olympic Games under universality places.

Tanzania swimmers who competed at the 2015 Kazan games were Magdalena Moshi, Hilal Hilal and Ammaar Ghadiyali